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The Parcel: Grumpy Téa

Maybe I was being a bit harsh on Téa by ignoring her text and phone calls and maybe the last bit I mentioned about having the pang of guilt and making it disappear was worse than harsh. Well I can’t really help what you think or how you judge me for what I do but I wont judge you for thinking the worst of me.

The fact was Téa really pissed me off with her antics in 1983 and unless you were there feeling exactly what I was feeling it’s probably not fair to judge me. But I forgive you!

So there I was eating my meal, thinking about Téa and feeling just a little bit guilty…about eating all that wonderful Chinese food by myself. I didn’t rush down my dinner but I also didn’t stuff around like it was my last ever meal and I was savouring every bite.

Because I knew Téa would have given up trying to get hold of me, no matter what hour it was over there, I decided not to order any desert. For those playing along at home it would have been after midnight where Téa was and it also would have been yesterday, (maybe she really was backwards!).

Once I had paid for my meal I exited the Stuffed Dumpling but instead of heading to the traffic lights and waiting for them to tell me it was safe to cross the road I turned left out of the restaurant and headed to the Milk Bar three doors down.

For those who don’t know what a Milk Bar is one of those places in the burbs where they sell things like smokes, lollies, potato chips, drinks and ice creams. These days many of them, that still survive, have diversified into many more other things including take away food, like Fiish and Chips and Pizza, and even a small range of supermarket type items and magazines. Some are one stop shops for anything, the one I was headed too was like that and I was heading in there to get an ice cream for desert.

Oh, no, I’m not going to explain ice creams, lets just say what I got was kind of like an ice cream cone with a wodge of flavoured ice cream in it, it was much better than just that but that’s close enough to what I got. And the reason I got that and didn’t have a desert with my meal was because I was in a hurry to get home and answer Téa’s message!

Ok so I did go straight home after buying my ice cream not only that I had finished eating it by the time I walked in the door.

My suspicions appeared to be correct because when I stepped onto the front door step I could hear that the land line was ringing. I opened the door and stepped inside, the ringing got louder. I walked into the kitchen and looked at the screen of the phone. Not only was it ringing but I’d missed fourteen calls and there was a “1” flashing at me telling me one message had been left. When the phone stopped ringing I waited for a few seconds then hit the play button.

“Good Evening Mr. Barnes. It’s the Microsoft Technical Department, our system has reported that there is a virus on your computer.” I was a bit shocked that those stupid scammers actually left a message, they don’t often, but considering my phone message is simply me saying “Hello” it does confuse a few people now and again. What I wasn’t shocked at was that the message had not been Téa, she rarely left voice messages even on my mobile phone, even if she wanted to talk to me desperately leaving a message on my landline was unlikely.

My mobile buzzed with the theme song to Madam Secretary as I deleted the message on the land line. Téa’s mobile number came up on the mobile screen, along with the message telling me that I had seventeen missed calls on that device. When it stopped ringing and the screen changed I also saw that there had been one message left. I picked up the phone and tapped my way through to read the message.

“Shane stop ignoring calls.I know your ignoring calls.need to talk.don’t know why your ignoring my calls but you need to stop.NOW!Answer here or answer you know where.Stop being silly and do it now.”

Despite the message actually stretching over two SMS messages I could see Téa had deliberately missed some words or missed punctuation. Just as I finished reading the message the phone beeped to tell me another message was coming in. I tapped through to read it.

“Talk to me NOW!”

Okay so while I did feel a little bit sorry for the way I was treating Téa I decided at that point in time it was all justified. Her treatment of me in 1983 and her treatment of me in the present was appalling. In all honestly I had never seen or heard Téa carry on like she was. Sure she could have a tease with the best of them, she could even cut to the bone with an insult that hurt, but never had she been so pigheaded.
Maybe I didn’t expect an immediate apology, maybe I didn’t expect one at all and I just wanted her to acknowledge that what she did was not very nice. But what I didn’t expect was Téa to be so god-damn rude, not to me, not to anyone

I decided to send one SMS message to her, one simple message that required a simple answer. Like I said I didn’t expect an apology, but I would have accepted one.

“Why did you do it? Why did you make me go through that shit?”

Thirty seconds later I got a response from her.

“Because it was fun!”

The message started and ended with a smiley face, or something that looked like a spud with a pimple, like that was suppose to make it all better.

Pissed off and tired I turned my mobile phone off, turned the land line onto “Do Not Disturb” and walked away in disgust.

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  1. Yea, Shane! Bravo to him!

    • You really hate being on the females side don’t you 😛

      • No, gender has nothing to do with it. I have a terrible fairness streak, and I have a you should be kind to each other streak. It is not fun. Teasing, harmless banter is different from being mean to people. Boo Tea’ Bad form. : (

        • You don’t know why she did what she did. She’s trying to ring him and talk to him and he’s ignoring her call because he doesn’t want excuses. Guilty or not her story has not been revealed.

          • You play both side to well … I know that trick. Nope, she should have talked to him in 1983. She was not being nice and she’s still not being nice. Because it is fun is not the right answer! I don’t think I like Tea much.

            • She’s not being nice because he’s ignoring her call?

              Because it’s fun is may not be the right answer but a joker doesn’t always hit the right answer all the time, doesn’t make their intentions any less.

  2. The title could read, Grumpy Shane? No, the whole thing speaks to Tea’s character and I am not liking her. Nope. Not, not, not…. and you can’t make me!

    • I’m not trying to make you like her, in fact I’m sure Shane doesn’t particularly like her as he heads off to bed, but she is his friend and he knows that toady’s anger hurts himself as much as it hurts her if he carries it into tomorrow.

      He wouldn’t be much of a friend if he stayed angry and didn’t let her explain her reasonings for what she did, or worse let her explain but listened with a closed mind.

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