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Down In The Mole Hole

Pappa, momma and baby mole
Where sitting comfortably in their hole
Relaxing around the dinner table
All knitting themselves a scarf of soft sable

Papa’s nose did arise up in the air
His senses tweaked from on his chair
“Now I know this will sound all kinds of funny
But I swear to you that I smell some sweet honey.”

An inquisitive mole was the good Pappa
He even stopped listening to Acca Dacca
Headphones off he went for a stroll
Went and stuck his head out of their hole

Momma watched on as Poppa walked
Knew it was her turn, so she talked
Pushed off her seat, she got herself near-up
“You smell honey but I smell maple syr-up.”

Momma mole followed Pappa out
Through the hole she stuck her snout
To one side Poppa did shift
Together they both had a big sniff

Baby mole sat all alone without gloom
Despite Momma and Poppa leaving the room
He too thought he could smell something strange
But his baby mole nose did not have the range.

Small baby mole could not push up the side
Past his nice parents he could not get outside
“Upon my head I don’t have my glasses
But I tell you now all I smell in molasses!”


  1. This was cute. You have wonderful rhyming skills. I am convinced you would make an adorable children’s book writer with your fun imagination.

  2. Lol …. now I get it!! Bad. Bad. Bad.

    • See, my best hope is a collection of Revolting Rhymes but Roald Dahl beat me too that by about 40 years.

      • I don’t know who Ronald Dahl is, but I’m not google him.
        I guess you choose your own genres, but I think you would be fantastic.

        • Seriously? Did you not read books to your kids? Did they not read? The Twits, James and the Giant Peach, Danny The Champion Of The World, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, The guy may have been British but he was a prolific writer who wrote some of the most loved kids novels and short stories. Surely American knows he existed beyond Willy Wonka.

          I’d probably get done for plagiarism for re-writing someone elses jokes.

  3. Ok, ok, I’ll Google him. Jeez… a lady can’t even give a compliment. A no thank you is sufficient.

  4. I’m a little slow, but finally got it. Cute.

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