The Good Captain sat on the balcony of his castle in the air, on his left sat his lovely fair maiden whilst on his right sat Captain Bildgepoole. The two large ships, the Revenge and the Privateer, slowly bobbed up and down against the jetty they were moored too and the sun was setting directly in front of them, in the western sky.

Large tankards of ale sat on tables between each chair and the three of them were enjoying the sunset whilst reminiscing about treasures found, voyages sailed and battles won. As the conversation came to a natural end the two captains got up from their chairs, grabbed their tankards from the table and stood side by side facing the northern sky. They then raised their tankards to the sky clanged the large mugs together and cheered before taking a drink and returning to their westerly facing seats.

The good maiden took a sip of from her own tankard at the same time but she didn’t move from her seat, instead she looked on in wonderment.

“Sorry me dear, ‘ave ye nah been versed in th’ way o’ th’ Magnetic North?” The Good Captain said as he sat down and saw the look on her face.

“Magnetic North? That be th’ point at th’ top of th’ earth.” The fair maiden replied still with only a hint of pirate slang within her voice.

“Arr, but it be so much more me dear.” The good pirate replied. “Let me tell ye th’ tale o’ th’ Magnetic North.”

The Good Captain raised his tankard to his lips and took a large swig, swallowed, took a breath, then took another swig and began to tell his tale.

“Th’ Vikin’s, those cretinous scourges that sailed th’ seas o’ days gone by pretendin’ t’ be pirates. Th’ same scourges we pirates ‘ave outlived by several hundred years. They had themselves Valhalla, th’ halls where dead warriors converge fer th’ aft life, well we pirates, th’ true wolves o’ th’ sea, ‘ave Magnetic North! ’twas round long afore any Vikin’ tainted th’ sea ‘n ’tis still thar long aft thar legends are forgotten.

Thar be a place wit’ th’ snow falls hard on frozen seas, a place where night seems t’ forever swarm around. Thar be no moon in th’ sky, we ‘ave no needs o’ such thin’s t’ guide our path. It be a dead pirate’s quest that lasts fer thirty days ‘n thirty nights, a quest where no corpse may ever be found.”

The Good Captain took a breath and another sip from his tankard before continuing…

“Each pirate that makes th’ journey be said t’ be searchin’ fer th’ long time lost treasure chest, a chest so big ‘n so bountiful that it sees them well on thar journey unto th’ aft life. However ’tis a journey though oceans ne’er afore seen through a pirates eye piece, wit’ fog so thick ‘n dark it’s like sailin’ through night.”

“Redemption be found at Magnetic North!” Captain Bildgepoole said as he raised his tankard.

“We pirate’s set our final course fer Magnetic North!” The Good Captain responded.

“Beyond th’ land o’ ice ‘n snow t’ Magnetic North!” Captain Bildgepoole replied almost as if in song.

“When our days are gone we be on a quest fer Magnetic North!” The Good Captain said.

“We will all die at Magnetic North!” both men called and raised their tankards.

Both men took another long slug of ale before The Good Captain continued to relate their legend to the fair Maiden.

“We may be condemned t’ die on our final journey but thar be no tears ‘n thar be no lies. An eternity o’ promises are encased within th’ ice o’ this foreign land. Fer every pirate that makes th’ journey, he will wants fer naught in th’ aft life.

We be th’ true wolves o’ th’ sea ‘n one by one we know our final time will surely come, fer some ’twill be by th’ cutlass, fer some it be th’ mighty cannonball, whilst fer others it be aft a long ‘n fruitful life. But whatever it be that steals thar final breath they knows that glory awaits all whose pirate life has been worthy. Death may await fer us in a land beyond th’ sun, but it’s a death fer which we know we shall be rewarded.”

For a second time the Good Captain and Captain Bildgepoole repeated their little chant about Magnetic North. Each pirate saying a single line, then taking a swig from their tankards as the other pirate spoke, until they got to the final line which they again said in unison. Just like the first time the words were spoken there was a slight hint of a tune in their voices as if they were speaking the words of a song only they knew the words too.

When the two pirate captains finished their little chant the Good Captain spoke again finishing the story the only way he knew how.

“In our final journey on th’ sea, we worthy pirates travel far beyond th’ land o’ th’ ice ‘n snow. It be a journey that carries on ‘n takes us toward a new eternity, an eternity that we do embrace fer we know we be movin’ on t’ somethin’ better. Our Vikin’ scourges sent t’ Valhalla shall forever reckon they were sold a lie ‘n condemned t’ die shall they ever find out about Magnetic North!”

“Magentic North!” both captains called in unison then drained the dregs from their large tankards.

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