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Get With The Times Dad

Sitting at the kitchen table
Feeling stuffed, but legs were stable.
The family, they had all vacated
Expect my son, he sat there sated.

“Pass me the newspaper,” I said to the lad
I felt sure he’d be happy to help out his Dad
But instead he gave me one of those looks
You know the kind, you see in joke books.

“Oh Dad, you are just so old school
Was there ever a time, when you were cool?”
A newspaper I wanted so I didn’t quit
“What are you taking about you little…wit?”

“You’re just so old school.” He said once again,
“Today is the future, so please learn your brain!
No one reads newspapers, get with it Dad
Today all the news comes on our iPad.”

He gave me the tablet he had at his side
Across the table he did make it slide.
I was honestly suspect, at my first glance
But I tell you now that fly didn’t stand a chance.

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