So are you still wondering how I’m going to pull an eighteen tonne truck with a six tonne trailer out of the sand with a Beast that weighs about a quarter of that? Or have you forgotten about me? Of course you haven’t forgotten about me, I’m just too darn memorable.

Oops I got stuck on ego mode, I’ll turn that off now.

In actual fact while pulling the larger truck out of the bog was not without risk I was fairly confident that I could get her out.

I gave Nathan and Derrick the choice, a bit of exercise in the hot aussie sun and the possibility of being back on the road within the hour or, I could call heavy haulage from Broome and they could waste the best part of the day sitting in the hot truck. In the big scheme of things I guess it wasn’t really a choice, hot aussie sun for a short time or a long unspecified time.

The first thing that needed to happen was that the trailer needed to be unhitched from the truck. Now that wasn’t a big drama because all we had to do was release the pin in the hitch, pull the plug for the lights and unhook the air lines for the brakes. Then we just had to push it out of the way. I’m kidding, of course we weren’t going to push six tonnes out of the way by ourselves, that would have been impossible since we didn’t all have our Weeties for breakfast.

I could have used the Beast to pull the trailer out of the way, but I didn’t need too. Because we could drop the draw bar of the trailer away from the rear of the truck and because the trailer stood up by itself on its three axles there was no need to move it anywhere. Had I thought there was a chance that we’d need to drive, push, will, the truck backwards I would have moved the trailer but like I said I was confident and that confidence told me the truck was coming out of its hole forwards.

Once the trailer was unhooked the five of us, Nick, Matthew, myself and the two removalists, walked back to the front of the truck. I grabbed two shovels out of the under tray storage box on the Beast and stood in front of the men.

“So who knows how to swing one of these?” I said looking for volunteers to do a bit of digging.

“You females like to tell us blokes how good you are at multi-tasking, why don’t you swing both of them?” Matthew said being a smart arse.

“Lump me in a group with those city girls you date again and I’ll park this shovel somewhere the sun doesn’t shine, little brother!” I said pointing the shovel handle in my right hand towards him.

Out the corner of my eye I could see Nathan and Derrick laughing quietly, I think they were hesitant to laugh too loudly in case we were serious.

“Now, now, you two.” Nick interrupted, “settle down, we have company.” He then turned to Nathan and Derrick. “Don’t mind these two, they can’t help themselves and have trouble acting like adults.”

I felt offended by Nick’s unjustified comments and let him know exactly that by turning to him and blowing a loud, wet raspberry.

Both Nathan and Derrick stepped up and offered to take a shovel off me, I think it might have been an offer made to keep the three of us at bay, and even if it was it was a decent gesture.

Instead of giving Derrick and Nathan a shovel each I decided to delegate the task that needed to be done. “And if you’re hanging around you can have a turn swinging the shovel too Mr. Plod.” I said to Nick at the end of my delegation.

Walking around the left hand side of the truck I explained to everyone what needed to happen. As I spoke a road train sped past the rest area we were parked in. The distinctive and tuneful blast of the air horns as the truck passed told Nick and I that it was J J Sampson in his Kenworth. Going by the loudness of the rattle and crash of his double deck trailers I knew he was running empty, no doubt heading north to pick up a few hundred head of beefers from one of the remote cattle farms so they could be taken down to Broome for the markets. He’d obviously seen Nick’s police truck, and the Beast as he approached and decided to say hello.

Of course I had heard the truck coming from a distance, as had the others, but without knowing who it was, or what sort of truck it was I didn’t expect it to be as loud as three empty cattle trailers so I continued to talk about the job that needed to be done only to have to repeat it once JJ’s truck noise was fading into the distance.

Once the noise had faded I told the boys that I wanted as much sand as I could have removed from in front of the dualies of the two rear axles. We’d have to be a little bit careful shoving the steel shovels in so close to the tyres but with a little bit of concentration and common sense, that I was sure all of us had, it wasn’t going to be a problem. Putting a shovel between the two axles without slicing the tyres was a little more risky, but again I was confident we all had the common sense not to make mistakes.

Nathan took one of the shovels and I began to show the boys exactly what I wanted done.

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