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The Pirate Captain: Walk The Plank

“Me mateys do gather round.” Captain Bildgepoole called from the navigation deck to his crew of bawldy men as the sailed the calm ocean tide.

It had been six weeks since the Revenge had been limped back into port after defeating the mighty Leviathan. Six long weeks of repairs, testing and improving their ship. The beast may have snapped her front mast but she had not destroyed the crew will and they worked around the clock to gettheir ship ready for her next voyage. When the Revenge finally got her sea bound pass the crew were anxious to get back out on the water, not just to test her out but because they felt like they were loosing their sea legs with such a long absence from riding the waves.

The ship was drifting slowly on a low breeze as the crew gathered around on the decks of the Revenge to hear what their captain was about to say, to all but a select few the words would be a surprise.

“Thar be a traitor lurkin’ within our crew.” Captain Bildgepoole said loudly. “Unbeknowns t’ ‘im at th’ time he did reveal hisself t’ me afore we left port. He’s been plannin’ his wee haul fer nigh on a year, stashin’ away his stolen booty where he believed ‘twould nah be found.” There was a collective gasp from the crew that echoed across the deck. “Brin’ th’ treacherous bastard up from below!” Called Captain Bildgepoole before the crew had stopped gasping at the news.

Escorted up from below the deck, by Goldy Von Beetle and Bucky Yenta, was Zack Dreadnok. Another collective gasp filled the air. Although Zack had befriended few aboard the Revenge he’d been a decent worker and a valuable crew member, it was a shock for the crew to realise he’d been stealing from them.

“Th’ time has come fer an execution, me mateys.” Captain Biledgepoole called. “Fer thar has been treachery bestowed upon us on this day. Zack Dreadnok it’s has been agreed that fer yer crimes against th’ crews o’ th’ Revenge ‘n th’ Privateer yer end has come ‘n ’tis be yer final hour. Do ye ‘ave anythin’ t’ say?”

The crew of the Revenge stood in silence and waited for Zack to speak, if he dared. There was nothing he could say in his defence that would change the mind of the captain, or the crew, but it was only fair to give him a chance to explain why he’d done what he did.

“I don’t suppose ’twill make any difference” Zack started, “but I be innocent!”

“Ye be innocent will ye lad?” Captain Bildgepoole shot back quickly and ferociously. “Then if ye will be so innocent wha’ be this loot we found wrapped in yer sack, th’ same loot missin’ from th’ Captain’s quarters?”

“I’m Innocent!” Zack cried.

With that Captain Bildgepoole produced further evidence that between the Good Captain and himself had been gathered before the Revenge left port. As captain of the ship he had no need to produce such evidence, his order to death would not be questioned, but it was in fairness to the crew, to prove the crimes against the pirate, that he did so.

“We shall be takin’ yer gun. We shall be takin’ yer cutlass. We shall be takin’ yer hat n’ yer jacket. ’cause ’tis your time t’ come undone ‘n ye will be needin’ none o’ that where ye be goin’!” Captain Bildgepoole said.

The captain continued his speech.

“Wit’ yer life ye be payin’ th’ price ’cause yer end be nigh. Wha’ lurks beneath wit’ it’s razor sharp teeth will seal yer fate. Yer boots o’ lead will see that th’ waters run red wit’ yer blood today, ‘cause ye shall walk th’ plank.”

Goldy Von Beetle and Bucky Yenta walked Zack towards the plank, his hands were tied behind his back and his legs were shackled with irons. Because of the lead tied to his boots and the shackles his final steps were more of a duck waddle but he was in no hurry anyway.

Captain Bildgepoole spoke again, his words almost a rhyming tune.

“Descend in t’ th’ blackened depths o’ yer hell, a nameless ocean shall be yer grave. Be thar rain, be thar mist yer treacherous ways will nah be missed. Ye wont come back, ye’ll cease t’ live. Yer death will be cold ‘n ye shant be missed.” Captain Bildgepoole took a breath and spoke again. “Yer eyes are filled wit’ dread as yer mind comes t’ terms wit’ wha’ ye’ve done. Yer brains searches fer excuses t’ save yer worthless soul. But fer ye thar be no savin’, ye be dismissed, ye scoundrelly maggot!”

Zack Dreadnok may have been one of their own for close to a year, he had worked and fought along side many of the crew currently aboard the Revenge, but none of that mattered once his crimes became apparent. No one trusted a traitor to their own.

Zack was nudged out along the plank, each small, shuffled step bringing him closer to his doom. He could feel the point of his own cutlass digging into his back as Goldy pushed him along the plank. He knew there was no coming back from what he’d done, knew there was no apology that would suffice, but he also knew what his fate would be before the lure of stealing from his own crew had entered his mind.

“Give me regards t’ Davey Jones.” Captain Bildgepoole said before giving the order for the traitorous pirate to be nudged to his final step.

Zack’s last step was of course done reluctantly but he knew he had no choice. He hoped that with the heavy laden boots and the inability to flail his arms and legs death would be quick, whether it would be he’d never know. His screams filled the air as he dropped off the plank and descended to the water. The only thing that out lasted his screams was the roar of the crew cheering to see the end of the traitor.

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  1. Yikes! I’m not gonna like this one. : (

    • Why not? So someone gets to walk the plank, someone gets shot, someone gets stabbed, it’s the way of the pirate. Even my mother who cringes every time I say the word fuck could read and like a story that contains death.

      What if I ran Danny into the wall and there was a fiery crash? What if the heavy haulage truck hit a mob of roos and it was roadkill for breakfast? What if Dean went to rescue someone and it turned into a free for all punch up where only the strongest, or luckiest survive?

      Actually 2 out of 3 aint bad, I’m going to write those stories now.

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