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The Parcel: Call Me Maybe

The next thing I knew I was sitting at my desk, Téa’s dial in front of me, the mobile phone she’d sent me beside it and my computer on, the computer hadn’t even gone into the screen saver.

I don’t suppose I was pissed at Téa, it’s hard to be pissed at someone like her but I was a little annoyed that after putting me through all the crap with the copper, the judge and their jealousy over loosing the America’s cup she just walked up with the watch and dragged me out of there. Why the hell couldn’t she had done that when she first came into the police station before all that crap happened? Why couldn’t she have found time to do it any time while all the crap went down? It was just ridiculous, wasn’t it?

I guess things worked out ok in the end because I didn’t get incarcerated for life and I wasn’t attacked, beaten up or killed but I was still struggling a bit to figure out why she’d acted in the way she had.

I pushed the dial away, not hard and not into anything, just a shove across the desk and out of my immediate area. The phone was the next thing to have the same thing done to it. The phone went a little further because it was smaller and lighter but it still wasn’t at risk of breaking itself or anything else.

I then turned to my computer and looked at the screen and heard the phone beep alerting to me a message coming through. Obviously I knew who the message was from, as far as I knew there was only one person with the number. I picked it up from next to the computer where it had stopped skidding across the desk and looked at the screen. I don’t know why I looked at the screen, because as I said I knew who it was, but I did anyway and because it was one of those old flip phones I could only see the first few letters of the message on the small screen next to the clock. The message appeared to be in code given that those letters I saw could not form any word I knew from the English language.

At the same time as I was holding the phone an alert popped up on my computer screen. A small bubble at the bottom right hand corner of the screen telling me that someone was trying to contact me. The message didn’t say who was contacting me but as with the phone it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Not interested in responding to either message I turned the computer off, I didn’t even wait for the shut down procedure, just held down the on off button for four seconds until the screen went dark. Next I tossed the phone at the dial, I had actually meant to slide it across the desk as I had done the first time but I let go of it a fraction of a second too early and it didn’t actually touch the desk until just before it crashed into the dial.

I didn’t even bother checking to see if the phone was broken, it probably wasn’t, I simply spun my chair around, stood up and walked out of my office ignoring everything. I guess maybe I was a little bit pissed at Téa, but it was only a little bit.

I walked into the kitchen, it wasn’t that far from dinner time but I really didn’t feel like cooking anything. I tried to think about how long it was since I’d eaten but due to the time travelling thing that was nearly impossible. I knew I’d had lunch at home but since then I’d time travelled twice and eaten more than a few times, but I didn’t feel full enough to have eaten, in fact the more I thought about it the hungrier I felt.

I opened the fridge and stared at it contents, there was plenty of food in there but unless I wanted a slice of cheese, or a carrot, or maybe some bread everything required some kind of creative effort to make tasty. I’m not sure how long I was standing there but when I heard the voice of my mum in my head saying something about standing in front of the open fridge trying to cool the house down I knew it was time to close the door.

I stepped away from the fridge and around the kitchen bench, I was actually getting hungrier as the seconds ticked by so hungry in fact that I was actually beginning to feel hunger pains. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had hunger pains between lunch and dinner so time travel, even with meals, was definitely having some effect on me.

Spotting the local Chinese restaurant menu beside the phone on the bench I decided, or more accurately my stomach decided, that Chinese was going to going to fill the gap and satisfy my hunger pains. I picked up the menu and started reading down the list of meals, I wasn’t even on the second column when my mobile phone rang started buzzing on the bench. The vibration buzz of the phone on the wooden bench started seconds before the ring tone started but as soon as the outro music to TV show Madam Secretary started I knew who the call was from.

I ignored the ringing phone and kept reading the menu and by the time I’d chosen the meal I wanted my mobile phone had stopped ringing and the landline had started ringing. It was at that moment I decided that I wasn’t going to call out for dinner to be delivered I was going out for dinner and I was leaving my mobile phone at home.

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  1. Um… what did I just read? Who is Tea? … is this a continuation from a previous piece? (If so, you could do with a link to the previous piece at the top).

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