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Down On The Farm

Young Johnny came home all excited,
          telling of his school trip to the farm,
                    and just what it was he had sighted.

We saw chooks nesting inside their coop.
           Johnny told his Daddy, so elated.
                    Then they paraded outside like a troop

We saw goats that had little horns.
           They stink and make lots of noise
                     and their poop sticks to ‘em like thorns.

We saw sheep that baaed quiet a lot
           their lambs were kind of cute
                     But some poor sheep do get fly rot?

There was also some big hairy llamas.
           ‘Long necks’ the farmer did call them
                     and their hairy coats act just like pyjamas.

In the stables we saw lots of horses.
           Eating hay and having a rest
                     ‘cause they no longer run on race courses.

What about some cows?” Dad, he did ask
           “We saw them too,” Little Johnny said.
                     But Dad could see laughter he was trying to mask

The farmer thought we were suckers
           Because then he told us all about ‘effers
                     But I was smart and knew he meant fuckers!


  1. Can’t fool a kid.

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