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Chequered Flag: Back In The Pits

Two races into the season and twice Fittzy had pushed Danny’s car into the wall. The first time was during the race while the second time was during the final practise session. Each incident had the potential to be dangerous to both drivers, each incident damaged Danny’s car and each incident appeared to be done out of some sort of spite rather than a genuine racing accident.

In race one the officials had decided, post-race, that like Danny’s swearing Fittzy pushing him into the wall was a finable offence. Once the decision had been referred to the judiciary, to be dealt with after the race, there was little doubt he’d cop a fine, however despite many commentators suggesting he should also have copped a penalty of loss of championship points nothing happened.

Like the first incident Fittzy’s efforts in practise would more than likely only attract a fine, and possibly a fine of less than what it cost Danny’s team to repair the car, but that was how racing worked. It would be nice of the officials to penalise him by shifting him back on the starting grid but Danny and the team knew that was unlikely.

By the time Danny was heading back to the transporter those thoughts were out of his mind. Some might have called it a valued ability the way he could completely wipe some things from his thoughts so quickly and easily but that wasn’t always the case, especially when he could so easily do it with his private life as well.

Because of his null state coming through the pit garage when he saw Tracey at the door of the transporter and heard her concerned voice calling to him he wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen. He didn’t immediately see Fittzy to his left, he didn’t hear Fittzy telling him off and he didn’t see Fittzy’s fist cutting through the air on a collision course with his face.

Through small mercies alone somewhere between noticing Fittzy’s fist coming towards him and the impact Danny was able to turn his head. It wasn’t enough to avoid the punch altogether but it was enough to make it more of a glancing blow than a direct hit.

Danny stumbled slightly, bent, and staggered a few steps to the right. Tracey yelled Danny’s name again. Fittzy yelled something about Danny’s poor driving and the team came running out of the pits.

“You useless fucking piece of shit!” Fittzy yelled as Danny stood up. “When the fuck are you going to learn to drive that car of yours? I ought to punch your fucking head in for that kind of overtaking move!”

“Oh yeah? Because it was me that nearly drove you into the bloody fence…for the second race in a row!” Danny called back as he rubbed the side of his head.

Danny’s pit crew, as well as crew and drivers from several other teams began to gather in a circle to see what the yelling was about. The scene resembled the makings of a school yard brawl ready to happen.

“You’re suggesting that was my fault?” Fittzy growled.

“Suggesting it? Nope I’m outright saying it. The accident was your fault! You deliberately ran me into the bloody wall and you are a shit driver!” Danny paused for a moment, his voice had raised in volume as he speech went on and he didn’t want to loose his cool. He took a breath and said. “You should be apologising to me, then handing in your bloody licence!”

Danny knew he shouldn’t be inflaming the situation with extra comments but at the same time what Fittzy had done was dangerous and stupid and if the officials weren’t going to penalise him a snide remark would have to do. The bigger issue was, as Danny would find out later, that the officials were considering Fittzy’s penalty and inflaming the situation just for the sake of it was definitely unwarranted.

Instead of a witty retort back at Danny Fittzy immediately retaliated with his right fist taking one step toward Danny and swinging at his head. The second punch, unlike the first, connected squarely with Danny’s left cheek, it was a hard hit and one that forced Danny’s head back but not enough to knock him over.

“How about that for an apology, you fucking moron!” Fittzy called as he swung again.

Danny blocked the second punch with his forearm, the third hit him on the shoulder and the fourth connected with his chin. Fittzy was clearly losing strength with every hit but Danny knew better than to take someone like him for granted when he was angry.

“What the hell is going on here.” Dave called as he walked into the crowd and started pushing people aside.

Fittzy threw another haymaker which missed Danny and nearly got Dave. Fittzy stumbled slightly

“Get out of the way Dave,” Fittzy said. “This is between me and him.” He regained his footing and threw another punch. Danny stood still, blocked the punch but did not retaliate. “Come on, fight back you fucking wimp!”

Danny stood still, his fists in a defensive position ready to block but with no intention of striking.

“Move on Fittzy, or I’ll have security move you on.” Dave said in a stern voice loud enough for everyone to hear.

Dave then stepped up to Fittzy and gently started to nudge him backwards away from the fight he was trying to make. Fittzy began to push back against Dave, three of Danny’s crew then stepped up behind Dave creating a wall and gently stepped him backwards. Every step Fittzy fought and pushed but like his punches they quickly became weaker and when he was nudged up against three burly security guards even he knew it was time to give in and walk away.

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