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Oh No!

Arriving home late yest-er-day arvo
My first thought was one of very deep sorrow
So I inspected the house so good and thorough

My house had been, broken and entered
By some bastard, so bloody self centred
So was it any wonder, I was so bad tempered?

I went searching for, what had been stolen
The TV was there, and it was not broken.
But if I caught the thief, I’d tear out his colon

The computer and stereo, they were still present
Maybe the thief thought my stuff was unpleasant
I guess robbing my house was not a good e-vent?

It was then I noticed, just what had been half hitched
Realised why, all my good stuff had been ditched
And no my stuff hadn’t been switched

Throughout the house not a bulb to be sighted
Bulbs and lamps once there had all been flighted
But I was no longer sad, because I was delighted.

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