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Romantic Movie Night

bad poetry

Couples movie night had arrived once again
Entertainment and humour we hoped to attain
Popcorn was cooked the kids were in bed
My love she had settled on a nice glass of red

Comedy, romance, action or horror
As long as our choice, it wasn’t a snorer
TV was on and the lights they were dimmed
I’d forgotten the tree that needed to be trimmed

Our romantic movie night, was all but planned
Into the lounge room I led my love by the hand
Closer we sat, our shoulders did touch
In my right hand the remote I did clutch

Movie one was a comedy, number two a romance
Number three was a musical, but we didn’t dance
Volume up high, we enjoyed the soundtrack
Suddenly three movies we watched back to back

Thankfully I was facing the TV!


  1. You know, you could make this much sexier? I won’t give an example, because your site is PG, but I had good potential….
    Three movie back to back, unless you’re naked, would make me a zombie! Yikes …

  2. You will not trick me into rewriting your sexy poem. Nope. Not gonna happen. You can glutch that remote all you want!

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