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Playing Scrabble

bad poetry

Late last night I made a mistake
An error so dire it could not be fake
Left me a feeling I could not quite shake
Rumbly tumbly like a big damn earthquake

We were sitting around just playing a game
A board to be less bored, that was our aim
Another game of Scrabble with my lovely dame
The mistake was all mine, no one else to blame

I’d just laid down BANQUET on a triple word score
Followed by FEAST, the ‘F’ giving me a triple four
I guess I was hungry and of food I did want some more
But if I left the game early she’d be calling a draw

I played on again and dropped some more tiles
Easy words like POKEY and small words like SMILES
What I wouldn’t give for a few CROCODILES
Or just hoping this damn game wouldn’t go of for miles

My letters looked like they’d come from a mixmaster
I suddenly realised they looked like cooked pasta
Square noodles looked good so I swallowed them faster
Now I am worried my next shit will spell DISASTER


  1. Ho, Ho. Off to mister poo specimen, for you, maybe …

  2. You are hilarious! This definitely did not go the direction I was thinking in the beginning, which is typical of you! I don’t think I would have been clever enough without Frank’s help on the ending. : (
    I think I will keep the BANQUET, followed by FEAST, and give it a sexy ending in my mind. I love scrabble, and the visual of the tiles scattered to the floor spelling words like, oh and mmm is sexy! : )

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