It’s ok I didn’t go to the toilet for a long visit, I didn’t take a copy of War and Peace and read it cover to cover, I knew Téa was waiting for me so I only visited the bog for a short time.

Two hours later!

I’m only kidding, I was gone only a few minutes. I wont give you a run down of what I did just to prove it, but rest assured I wasn’t long and it was something I needed to do.

I’d be lying if I said that as I walked through the house from the toilet, a trip of only about fifty steps, I didn’t think more than once about turning right and heading towards the kitchen rather than heading left and into my office where the dial was waiting. It wasn’t that I was scared of the dial or what it could do, I was apprehensive but I wasn’t scared. I wasn’t even scared of the unknown locations it could send me. My problems were all circling around the idea that there appeared to be no reason to do what we were doing.

Don’t get me wrong a holiday is as good as a change…or something like that, and the little get aways I shared with Téa did seem to be the ideal types of holidays given that they appeared to take place with no real world time lost. But wasn’t that time thing enough of a warning to set some alarm bells ringing and suggest what we were doing was not right?

Serious was it enough to be concerned about?

I honestly didn’t know and that is why I was being slightly apprehensive about what my steps were, or more to the point, procrastinating about my next moves.

Although I still didn’t know whether I wanted to make another jaunt into who knows where I turned left and headed back into my office rather than the kitchen. I think had I gone into the kitchen the temptation to cook something would have been too strong, not because I was hungry, I wasn’t, but because cooking something would have delayed any decision on the dial I think I’d have done it without too much thought.

I walked back into my office, stepped up to my chair and spun it around so that I could plant my butt back in the seat. As I sat down and spun the chair back so that I was facing the desk I half expected to see a new message waiting on the screen of the Nokia flip phone Téa had sent me. I didn’t expect her to log back onto the private chatroom too see if I was there but a text message I would not have been surprised to see.

Now you might be thinking that Téa wouldn’t have the opportunity to send me a text message if she’d already put in place what she needed to before I used the dial because she’s already be waiting for me on the ‘other side’. But because of the way the dial worked that wasn’t the case. I know it’s quite technical and there is a lot to understand but rather than try and explain it all again I’ll suggest you go back and read Téa’s description a number of episodes ago, she does explain it well and it saves me from doing it and missing a step that makes it sound wrong.

So what that all means is that I wouldn’t have been surprised too see a message on the phone Téa sent, but there wasn’t one. As I’ve said I was only gone a few minutes but that few minutes would have been spent wondering at Téa’s end.

It was an unconscious move on my behalf but as the signal reached my brain and told me there was no text message on the phone I was feeling my pockets. There was nothing in them, after all it wasn’t that long since I’d returned from my last jaunt and I hadn’t pocketed anything while I was in the toilet, thankfully, but I was still touching the pockets of my jeans.

As soon as what I was doing registered in my mind I lifted my hands and put them on the desk. Just like the initial reaction of feeling my pockets the movement of my hands onto the table was done without concious thought, it just happened.

So there I was sitting at my desk, hands on the table, fingers apart and feeling kind of silly. Had Téa been there watching I’m sure she would have laughed at me and my unconscious movements but thankfully the cheeky sod was not present. She was however waiting for me to make a move that was consciously done and I really needed to decide if I wanted to make that move.

While my following few moves where concious I still wasn’t entirely sure what I was planning to do. What I did was push the flip phone to one side, then I pulled the dial closer to me and look at it. I knew exactly what I needed to do with the hand and the pin hole to fulfil Téa’s P 11 code but that didn’t stop me time wasting.

With my left hand on the hand of the dial I picked up the paper clip I’d used in the hole the first time with my right, then paused.

Did I really want to do this?

Téa really wanted me to do it other wise she wouldn’t have requested it.

Where would I end up?

There was no way to tell.

There might have been nothing in my pockets, but should there be something? Would I need something when we got where we were going?

Again there was no way of telling.

I rolled the straightened paper clip between my fingers as I considered the questions I had no answers to.

I then….

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