Jack and Rose, husband and wife
Forty years married, a happy life
Loving each other, shared every day
Aging together and turning grey

When Jack retired ‘twas time for some fun
With each other, not just any-one
They hired the services of young master Rolf
And together the two off them learnt to play golf

They practised and practised and practised some more
They practised for months until they got down their score
Their skills got so good there was no other match
Their scores got so low they were playing off scratch

One morning they were out, it was very early
A bad tee shot on the first and Rose she was surly
Her blood pressure rose and her memory did lapse
Then after holing out on first, she did collapse

Jack got all worried and went for his phone
He searched for a number, Rose let out a groan
Seeing her fall was quiet a big shocker
Jack got all worried and rang for the doctor

“Doctor she’s fallen. This is no game of bowls
She collapsed between the first, and second holes”

“Jack my dear mate I don’t mean to smirk
But geezus, you don’t give me much room to work!”