So there I was sitting at my desk with the computer screen on and Téa’s chatroom open. I don’t know exactly how long I sat staring at Téa’s last message but I do know it had been several minutes.

P 11

That was the final line Téa had typed to me before logging off the chatroom. Of course I knew what that single letter and two digit number meant and I’m sure by now you’ve worked out what they meant as well. That’s correct, Téa was asking me to get the dial and use the code P 11 to transfer the two of us somewhere.

I might not have known the exact location, or time for that matter, which the dial was going to send us to, but thanks to Téa’s extremely good description of how the dial worked I didn’t need further instruction to figure out what to do with the code.

Like many of the secrets that surrounded the dial and what it did I’m not going to tell you exactly what Téa’s code required me to do because it’s not my place and because it’s a secret! However let me tell you it’s not as simple as figuring out the working sequence between one hand and two points. So making the dial do exactly what Téa wanted it to do was definitely not going to be the problem. The problem I had was that I didn’t know if I was ready for another jaunt to who knows where.

I know having a time travelling, something or other, at your mercy might sound like a good idea, might even sound like it’s a fun thing to have but like everything in life there was ramifications. For instance having to drop whatever I was doing in my world to go off on a jaunt that lasted who knows how long was a bit of kick in the arse. Sure I appeared to come back less than a second after I left but my brain and my body didn’t stop just because time seemed to.

My, “time lag”, it was a term I created based on the term jet lag, okay not that original but let’s face it it needed a name and that worked as well as any. So…My time lag from our last trip wasn’t kicking me in the arse after such a short time but I was wondering what might come of it. And after Téa request I was also wondering what might become of it if we tried another jaunt so quickly.

Another arse kicker was something I had thought of while talking to Téa in the private chatroom but didn’t get a chance to ask her about.

What if when Téa’s call came through I was doing something else and inadvertently left something in my pocket that could cause us issues wherever we ended up. I remembered touching on the subject with Téa in the diner when I suggested my Australian dollars, if I had any, would raise eyes if they were seen in 1969 America . The same could apply for any number of other things I might have on my person that I could easily forget was there when the call came through.

What if I’d had my iPhone in my pocket when we went back to 1969 and somewhere along the line with all that running it fell out and I didn’t notice? Obviously it wouldn’t work because there was no satellites, or mobile phone systems in place, but that didn’t mean such a mistake didn’t have the potential to change history. The same would apply to any money I might have and not just because of where it came from, more so because it’s made of polymer and while there might be a few countries using such technology today there was none doing it in the 60’s.

It didn’t just go for travelling back in time either. What if I was carrying a set of car keys and in the future all those Hollywood movies, and the Jetson’s had become reality and car keys were no longer needed because everything was locked and unlocked by retinas, or finger prints, or bad breath or something else. The car keys could easily date us and some smart bunny would connect such things with time travel, it would be okay if time travel had been invented in the future but if not it could really screw things up. Not to mention that if I lost my car keys it would be a real pain in the arse when I got home.

So I’d have really liked to bring these things up with Téa whilst in the chatroom because lets face it no matter how many precautions one takes there is always a chance of making a mistake, and I was the kind of person that liked options if mistakes where made, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

I knew Téa was waiting for me, she’d been logged off the chatroom from her end for what must have been five minutes. Did she expect me to just jump to her request? Again it was something I hadn’t asked her, which might have been just as well since I hadn’t jumped either.

So what did I do?

I did exactly what I needed to.

I went to the toilet.

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