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The Pirate Captain: Buckfast Powersmash

“Are you having trouble sleeping again my dear?” The Fair Maiden’s quiet voice filled the darkened room. Had it not been for her shuffling in bed only moments before the Good Captain might have been surprised at the sound but instead he was expecting it.

The Good Captain was standing at the window looking out over the port, looking out over his ships and looking out over the skeleton crew of pirates that milled around on sentry duty. There was light down on the jetty burning high on tall masts and casting long eerie shadows around some of the men. There was lights aboard both The Revenge and The Privateer but the ships appeared to be void of men, thankfully it was by appearance only because the Good Captain knew that for every pirate sentry that could be seen there was at least one that could not.

He shuffled on his feet but did not move away from the window and with his eyes still glaring out the window replied. “Ahh me dear, sleep appears t’ be evadin’ me this early mornin’. But ’tis naught t’ be worryin’ yourself o’er.”

“Of course I be worryin’ meself o’er it.” The fair Maiden replied still talking in her strangely amusing half pirate speak and half American accent.

“Honestly ’tis naught.”

“Then why don’t you come back t’ bed, climb under these warm sheets wit’ me ‘n let me help you go back t’ sleep?” Came the seductive voice from the bed.

“I may nah be th’ man ye expect me t’ be between th’ sheets this mornin’ me fair maiden.”

“Let me be th’ decision maker on that.”

The Good Captain slowly stepped back to the bed, it was hard to refuse the fair maiden when she put such offers on the table, even when he was deprived of sleep.

His sleep deprivation was quickly and easily forgotten as he slid between the sheets and found the fair maiden’s already naked body slowly sliding towards him. Without another word being spoken their lips met. Without the kiss being broken the Good Pirate’s hands began to roam over her bare hip and without hesitation the Fair Maiden pulled her lover against her with both her arms and her legs.

Hands wandered gently, softly, sensually up and down skin. Legs rubbed together lazily entangling each other. Lips kissed and tongues played together. Arousal was obvious the heavier the kissing and fondling became as both lovers fell deeper into each others passion. Love entangled bodies rolled across the bed, thrusting, driving, kissing, pushing each other ever so closer to release.

For nearly an hour there was no inhibitions, no nerves, no stopping, just lovers sharing a bed and the warm embrace of ecstasy. When it was all over daylight was peaking through the window and casting a bright light over the bedroom. Although they were both sated and happy the Fair Maiden could still see something was on the Good Captain’s mind.

They lay together arm in arm, the Fair Maiden’s head resting on the Good Captain’s chest. There was work to be done and she knew her lover would be vacating their warm bed before the sun rose much more. If there was a chance to find out what was on his mind it had to happen before he left the room. Quietly and calmly she asked what it was resting on his mind.

“Nah much me dear. Honestly. I jus’ be wonderin’ where we be headed. Where all ’tis be leadin’ us. Wha’ be th’ future.”

The Fair Maiden knew immediately that he wasn’t talking about the two of them or their relationship but the crew as a whole. A pirate’s future was rarely known, rarely planed but it was also something that was not often discussed. To hear the Good Captain speaking as he was was not concerning just surprising.

Their discussion went on for neigh on thirty minutes, she did not try to resolve anything, simply listen. When he finally appeared to be finished with his talking she finally spoke asking the one question she thought might be of assistance.

“What be the one thing that will help make ye relax my dear?”

The Pirate Captain thought for a few moments before he answered. When his answer finally came it was in the form of a little story.

“A pirate’s life must nah be all swashbucklin’, fightin’ ‘n lootin’. A pirate’s life must be also be filled wit’ booze, it helps th’ mind relax, gives a pirate clearer thoughts.”

“You wish to be off to Nancy’s”

“Aye Nancy’ be a haven and she be a dear, but even she doesn’t sell wha’ ’tis we needs.” The Fair Maiden lifted her head, looked him in the eye and asked what it was he needed. “It comes from th’ wee bonnie shore’s o’ Northern Ireland me lass. It surely must be th’ finest booze ever t’ touch th’ lips o’ any pirate, th’ drunkard’s holy grail if ye will.”

The Good Captain shuffled in the bed and moved into a sitting position. The Fair Maiden moved with him, shuffling her way up until she was sitting in front of him looking him directly in the eyes. She could tell he was thinking fondly about this drunkard holy grail, she waited for him to speak.

“Despite ‘ave been drinkin’ this drop since I was but a wee teenager I ‘ave no idea wha’ it’s made o’, nor wha’ be in it, other than th’ world’s sweetest caffeine. It’s a powerful drink, one that helps a pirate forget wha’ he needs t’ ‘n remember wha’ be important. It sells by barrel nah by th’ tankard or mug ‘n I be tellin’ ye darlin’ all I wants right now be th’ chance t’ get drunk on th’ Lurgan Champagne jus’ one more time.”

“Then to Ireland we sail!” the Fair Maiden said cheerfully. It wasn’t a sign of her allowing the Good Captain to sail but a sign she was ready to sail beside him on such a quest. “What be the name of this drop me love?”

“Buckfast Powersmash!” replied the Good Captain.

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  1. Deanna

    Yum! That was a delightful chapter. Well done, mate. Sexy – sensual with enough detail – and the start of a new adventure, all in one swift move. Nice! I like these characters. : )

  2. You know I meant writing sexy stuff is rare for you, but I was making a stupid beef pun. Google says Buckfast Powerash is a song.

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