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Stop Eating Chicken

bad poetry

Upon the hay bale two Amish kids sat
Not too bright, just having a little chitchat
Behaving themselves not causing no trouble
Two innocent kids living in a big bubble

“It’s time for me to stop eating chicken
Cause a change I’ve noticed has started to kick in.
Cutting out chicken just one of the measures
Because you see my friend, I’m growing feathers.”

“Growing feathers? Now that is amazing.
Give me a look, let me have a gazing.
Honestly it’s not, that I don’t believe
But it’s something I just have to see”

Hesitant at first and just a little naive
The girl knew that, it was too late to leave
Moving slow, no records broken in speeds
But eventually she did, drop down her tweeds

“You really weren’t kidding, feathers you’re growing
But you’re not alone and chicken I’ll too be forgoing
Just like with you, I too see feathers are sprouting
I’ll even show you so that you wont be a-doubting”

“I must tell you that this is a massive surprise
And I feel you would benefit from this here advice
From chicken you definitely should take a spell
Because you’ve got the neck and the giblets as well”


  1. Deanna

    ROFL ….. you are truly delightful!! This one is cutely hilarious! Your mind is an interesting place…

  2. Innocence doesn’t last long. The girl had the last laugh

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