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In A Galaxy Not Far From Here

Bloody Star Wars, I’m sick of hearing about it. Everything Lucas did since the ending of the “real” third movie as been a joke. With that in mind here is my joke about his joke.

Master Luke and Obi Wan
Had the desire for a Chinese bun.
“Let’s go to a restaurant, Master Luke”
Obi Wan said, not expecting a rebuke

“Where shall we go?” Luke was excited.
Because for a Chinese meal, he was delighted
“I think we should go, to the Red Dragon.
Obi then said, “Luke, get in the wagon.”

Obi doing the driving was not a big thing
Despite Luke offering to take the X-Wing
Taking the wagon wasn’t Obi being a lark
The X-Wing was old, and a bitch to park.

At the Red Dragon they eagerly awaited
Hoping the bun would not be deflated.
When it arrived they were both beaming
In front of both men, two buns were steaming

Obi was first to dive into his meal
He knew of their flavour and their appeal
Hungry he was and he was half done
Before Luke even, got to step one

Obi watched Luke struggle and look for a fix
Young Master Luke could not use chopsticks
Obi told Skywalker not to be a big kook
“If you can’t use the sticks, use the forks, Luke.”


  1. Deanna

    Giggle …. the forks are strong with this one!! Lol …. )

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