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Outback Rescue: Taking The Kid To Work

Bloody Hell!!! I’d no sooner finished laughing at Matthew than the phone rang and I realised my laughing was about to stop.

As a catch up for you people not paying attention Matthew, my brother, swanned in from Broome for a few days while he was between work. His four wheel drive had broken down with a computer issue in Broome and he was waiting at least a week for parts to come from Spain.

He’d tried to be a comedian about the situation citing the plot line for Crocodile Dundee 2 as the reason why he was visiting but I was on to that pretty quickly and told him he needed to do better than that to fool me. Fool me he didn’t but he did make me laugh when I asked his what it was he was planning to do while staying in Halls and his response was that he’d “help” me! However that laughter didn’t last long as my phone started ringing not long after he’d finished his story.

“Do you want me to come along and give you a hand?” Matthew asked after I got off the phone and told him I was headed three hours or so out of town for a rescue.

“Oh, I’m sorry, were you actually serious about offering to help? I thought it was another joke of yours!”

“Geez Dean, living by yourself in the boonies has made you a real bitch!”

“Awe come on baby brother,” I said as I moved toward him and gave him a hug. “Don’t cry like a little city boy, I’ll let you come along.”

“I shouldn’t need to beg!’ Matthew replied.

“No but you do such a bloody good job of it!”

Twenty minutes later we were standing at the counter of the police station talking to Nick. It was only a brief chat to let him know where I was going, you know the whole “let someone know before you go” routine. It had been a few years since Nick and Matthew had seen each other and it was a bit of a happy catch up for them but I did have to remind them that such a reunion needed to be kept short.

“I hate to interrupt your buddy, buddy get together boys but I do have a job to do. If you want to hang around and chit chat maybe I should leave you here.”

“Where are you headed.” Nick asked.

Rolling the large map, which Nick kept under the front counter, out across the top of his main counter I pointed to the area in which I’d be travelling.

“Apparently it’s a pretty straight forward Toyota tray, well set up, bogged in the dry river bed. There is two of them out there but the one that isn’t bogged has a screwed winch and they can’t get the Toyota unstuck. Six hours round trip, be longer travelling than rescuing and I still hope to be home for dinner.” I said to Nick.

“Well, well wont that give the two of you a wonderfully long time together to catch up on each other’s lives.” Nick laughed cheekily.

“You can tell just how much she is looking forward to it,” Matthew said.

“It’s a bloody big expanse of dirt out there little brother, keep that smart arse tone up and I’ll bury you somewhere out there where no one will find you.”

“You heard that.” Matthew turned to Nick. “She’s threatening me in front of an officer of the law. You should arrest her.”

“An officer of the law I may be but there is no way I’m getting involved in a domestic despite between Dean and anyone!” Nick laughed.

“Guess it pays to be sleeping with the local copper!” Matthew said with a huge smile. We both knew he was joking and being silly but that didn’t stop me thumping him.

After I thumped him I grabbed him in the headlock and looked at Nick. “Let’s just put him in a cell until I get back, or until tomorrow, or maybe even until his truck is ready.”

“I don’t want to put up with him for that bloody long.” Nick hit back. “He’s your brother, you deal with him.”

“Gee thanks Nick!” I said, “Alright slacker, looks like I can’t get rid of you so let’s get the hell outta Dodge and at least give us a chance to be back here for dinner.”

“The sisterly love I feel is amazing!” Matthew said before saying farewell to Nick and heading for the door with me.

“Cya Nick, will let you know when we get home. Have a good day.” I said.

“You two have a good one as well.” Nick replied.

Do you remember a while back, I don’t remember exactly when, maybe sometime around the episode where that lovely couple got their four wheel drive bogged and the group in all their wisdom decided to park on the opposite side of the track to the stranded four wheel drive and set up camp? Of course you do, you are wonderful people who follow my antics everywhere.

So you will also remember that there was two blokes in that group who while not entirely resentful of the fact they were being rescued by a “chick” but they also weren’t entirely grateful either. There was the buffer zone of common sense with those two guys and they were eventually talked around and accepted the help I was offering.

At the time I’m pretty sure I also told you that I can get worse than those two guys could ever have been. Well sure enough of the four guys Matthew and I were headed to rescue, two of them beat those guys hands down. The biggest problem however was that the other two they were travelling with were apologetic but refused to do anything to stop such behaviour.

Here, let me tell you about it in more detail…..

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  1. Deanna

    This is hilarious; I’m lovin’ this story line. Your dialogue is so fun, as usual. I’m looking forward to this adventure with them together. I think you didn’t see Dean wink and smile at Nick on the way out. ; ) ❤️ Guys don’t watch for the hidden flirting.

    • Why would a female go to the trouble of hidden flirting? Wouldn’t the idea be that she wants him to see?

      I’m sure Dean is an up front kind of chick that takes no crap and tells it like it is. If she wanted to flirt with Nick she would have 😛

      • Deanna

        Umm….hidden flirting is not crap, it’s fun. The hidden part is that it is just between the two of them, and no one else. It is like a sneaky private moment of fun just shared privately. It is not crap. ; )

        Btw…. I’m sorry I didn’t realize your comments were not dropping into my comments list, so I didn’t know they were there/here. I will be more thoughtful to go back and look for responses in the future. I’m sorry to keep leaving you with the last word; we can’t have that too often! : )

        • As if I could write anything like that. I’m male there is no such thing as secret glances and sneaky moments, it either happens or it doesn’t. Be open or forget it because secrets only lead to pain. And because no one else actually reads my crap I can claim this to be accurate without fear of reprisal. It’s 1 against 1 and I let you win because you are a nice person, but we both know who the real winner is…see open and honest 😛

          The stupid system rarely warns me of comments and likes left any more (and it’s not like it has to work overtime) I have to rely on email to tell me when someone important leaves me a comment, lucky you are important.

          Nice pic by the way.

          • It is not a secret of it is just between the two of them; it is just private. And I make sure it happens around my house. Don’t you have those moments between you and your sweetie when the kids are around when you communicate through your facial expressions? It’s fun!

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