At the same time as the crew of the Privateer, led by the Good Captain, were sailing through the islands to the east pillaging and training, as well as rescuing a shipwrecked pirate from an isolated island the crew of the Revenge were sailing in the west.

Their goal had been similar to that of the Privateer, pillage what they could, practise when they could and work as a team at sea as well as they did on land. Their training had been successful, the crew were fighting as they had never fought before, strong, relentless and unified. Their pillaging however had not been as successful due to the islands and land to the east being sparsely populated with villages of little wealth and value.

Two days earlier they had come across a large galleon that had stuck a reef, it’s sails were down, the hull was listing poorly to the port and the waves were crashing hard against the striken ship. At first it appeared the ship was abandoned but upon closer inspection a skeleton crew of little more than ten pirates were seen. It was at that time Captain Bildgepoole came to the conclusion that the ship was being protected for a reason and that reason wasn’t salvage given the state of the hull.

Immediately he ordered his crew board the ship, take down the pirate crew that remained and loot the ship for anything of value. Sure enough Captain Bildgepoole’s suspicions had been right, the skeleton crew had been protecting something, a hull full of golden doubloons.

The sentry crew of the stricken ship provided little resistance to such a large crew of bawdy pirates. The crew of the Revenge boarded the dead ship quickly and in high numbers taking out the enemy one by one and leaving them to die where they landed. While a few injuries were suffered by the crew of the Revenge no lives were lost and the battle lasted less that forty minutes.

With the battle won the ship was searched and the loot was found. Room by room, deck, by deck, the ship was raided for anything of value and within two hours of docking themselves next to the stricken ship the battle was won, the loot was taken and the Revenge was on it’s way, seen by no one, well no one living.

They were on the return leg of the voyage, headed home, they would see the safety of their home port before the setting of the sun the following day. That was when the call from Daggy Von Rapier came across the top deck directed at the captain.

“Ahoy Captian! Thar does lie a tavern down this here way. A tavern where we can get drunk be it day or be it night!”

“’n wha’ makes this tavern different t’ Nancy’s me lad?” Captain Bildgepoole asked considering the possibility of stopping for the evening

“Well Captain, at this tavern th’ landlord be a scurvy bastard, th’ lowest o’ low ‘n th’ barmaid be a wench, even Scabby wouldna touch her. But without a doubt they run a tight ship so ye be t’ give them nah shit or ye be out on yer backside.”

“Ye’re nah sellin’ this tavern t’ well Daggy!” Captain Bildgepoole said.

Daggy Von Rapier walked along the deck towards the captain. It wasn’t a surprise that the captain was listening to him and hearing him out, the captain was a fair man, it was however somewhat surprising that the captain was considering the suggestion. Nancy’s was their tavern, Nancy’s was their home and they were only a day away from being able to douse themselves in the ambience that was Nancy’s. Considering another tavern at such a time would seem unnecessary to some.

“Wha’ be th’ name o’ this tavern young pirate?” Captain Bildgepoole asked still interested and asking questions.

“Th’ name o’ this lowly ole hole be Th’ Sunk’n Norwegian, Captain. ’tis a nasty ole tavern if ever I’ve known.” Daggy’s words were honest and heartfelt but there was no denying he was serious that the crew should visit the place he spoke so lowly of.

“’n why on land, earth or sea would we be wantin’ t’ go such a tavern?”

“Inside ’tis walls thar be brigands ‘n scoundrels ‘n ne’er-do-wells. Th’ sorts o’ creatures only found lurkin’ in th’ black depths o’ hell.”

“Sounds like ye know this tavern well Daggy.” The captain said, his words indicating that he was still considering the option of making the detour.

“Despite all I’ve said th’ Sunk’n Norwegian be th’ place we best be.”


“’cause we’ll find relief in some pints from th’ bar, if that’s nah yer poison thar always be th’ large tankards o’ ale or th’ barrels o’ rum that jus’ can nah be beat.” Daggy replied getting more excited just thinking about the chance to drink at the Sunk’n Norwegian.

Before the night as too old the crew of the Revenge had populated the tavern known as the Sunk’n Norwegian. The drinks were flowing from the bar like water cascading down a waterfall after a storm. The crew were all happy and enjoying their evening of debauchery and booze, so happy they were singing loudly filling the bar with noise.

“Gimmie one more drink at th’ Sunk’n Norwegian
Raise up yer tankards o’ ale t’ th’ sky
Gimmie one more drink at th’ Sunk’n Norwegian
Raise me rum afore we be due t’ die”

The crew sung loudly, over and over again, as glasses clinked and tankards rattled. Eventually the chorus of the crew was followed by Captain Bildgepoole singing his own verse to the crew.

“Drink up me scurvy pirates, drink as much as ye can
‘Cause tomorrow we be sailin’ t’ our own homeland
But tonight we can party ‘n get drunk off out o’ our minds
‘Cause we can all rest on th’ day that we die.”

The tavern was once again filled with the roar of a happy, drunken crowd.

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