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Chequered Flag: Still Talking?

Tracy and Danny had been speaking for several hours and although they hadn’t just given in and decided to forgive each other they had both admitted fault in their situation and they’d both somewhat agreed to accept the other person’s mistakes. It wasn’t an immediate happy ever after and neither of them wanted it too be but it did appear to be some kind of truce.

They had been forced inside by a change in the weather, a change that saw the wind pick up and change direction to an onshore breeze which blew straight onto the patio of their rented weekend house. Once inside they had realised the time and decided to order lunch and once they ordered lunch Tracey asked the question both of them wanted an answer to but neither of them wanted to answer.

“So where does this leave us Danny?”

Danny knew there was some passing the buck on Tracey’s behalf, she wanted him to make the decision about where they stood, but it wasn’t a decision he was prepared to make at that time.

“I don’t know right now Tracey. I’m not going to pretend that everything has changed however what I really want is to not think about it for a little while. How about we have lunch in peace and quiet and then see what the afternoon brings?”

Tracey agreed to Danny’s request, there was no point not too, she was happy her story was out and while she didn’t agree with his story completely she was also happy it was out. She didn’t blame Danny for hiring the private investigator, it was something she didn’t think was entirely necessary given he knew where she was but she understood his reasoning for it. For her the fact he’d paid the guy to hit on her was harder to get over but she was trying to do it.

“Okay Danny, that sounds fair. It has been a bit of a heavy morning of conversation. I’m thankful for it but I understand you wanting a break from it.” Tracey replied.

Less than thirty minutes later there was a knock at the front door of the rented holiday house. Knowing it was the Chinese meal they had ordered Tracey grabbed her purse from the kitchen bench and made her way to the door. Just over a minute later she had returned to the kitchen with a plastic bag stacked with plastic take away containers full of food.

“Want the prawn crackers first?” Tracey said placing a bag full of them on the bench.

“Yeah I reckon I might have a few with the soup.” Danny said.

Tracey knew Danny loved prawn crackers dipped in his chicken and corn soup, were as she preferred to eat them by themselves before her soup, but it was easier just to place them on the table in the bag and let Danny grab his own rather than share them out.

Over three courses, soup, entree and mains, the two of them ate in relative silence. There was words spoken about the meal and what they were enjoying about it but there was very little conversation about anything else.

By the time they had finished lunch the weather had turned further and it was raining outside along with the wind. Somewhere between the dim sim entree and the main course Tracey found her self wondering if there was anything in the ‘entertainment ‘ folder that might pass a few hours for the afternoon but she changed her mind the more the rain came down. It wasn’t heavy rain but unless there was a good reason for going outside she couldn’t see herself doing it.

Tracey got up from her chair and took the empty food containers to the bin. Once in the kitchen she offered to make coffee, which Danny accepted.

“With the way this weather is settling in I think it might be a good afternoon to sit in front of the TV and do very little.” Danny said as the kettle boiled behind Tracey.

“I haven’t checked the guide. Do you know if there is anything on?” Tracey asked, thinking that Danny would probably find car racing of some sort on one of the pay TV channels that were available to them.

“Nope. Haven’t checked but there has to be something worth watching to keep us out of that crappy weather.” Danny said.

By dinner time they’d watched two movies, one action and one comedy, both with Bruce Willis in them. They had seen both movies before but watching them again seemed like the best choice for the day. Sometime during the second movie the rain had stopped and not long after that the wind had died off and the evening almost instantly began to improve.

“Hey, would you like to go out for dinner?” Danny asked without taking his eyes off the TV which he’d changed to one of the news channels.

The afternoon of movie watching hadn’t yielded any conversation but since they ended on a good note before lunch and after a few hours Danny was offering dinner Tracey couldn’t help but think positively about things.

“Sounds great. Were you think of somewhere in particular?” Tracy asked having looked through the brochures for the available restaurants but not really committed any of them to memory.

Danny took his attention from the TV and began to sift through the brochures on the table between the two chairs, he was obviously looking for something specific.

“How about the Crabtree Restaurant?” Danny said picking up one of the brochures.

Tracey might not have committed any particular brochure to memory but she did remember seeing the Crabtree restaurant brochure and the five stars on the front of it. She also remembered driving past the place on the way through town and thinking that it looked to be quiet a classy place.

“Do you think we’ll need a reservation?” Tracey asked.

“Guess we have two choices. Get all dolled up, head into town and find out or we ring first.”

“And what happens if we get all dolled up and they are booked out?” Tracey asked.

“Then we can be the best dressed people at the local McDonalds.” Danny said.

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  1. Deanna

    I liked this chapter for all reasons it wasn’t.
    I liked there wasn’t an immediate happy ever after.
    I like they didn’t end up naked in bed.

    After such difficult discussions, I agree sometimes you want to walk away from it.

    Great job, Mate. : )

    • You like it because of something it wasn’t? So you’d preferred it if it was written better? 🙂

      You ought to know by now I don’t do HEA and naked nookie nesting.

      And thank you 🙂

  2. I am wondering how you are going to play this out? Naked nookie nesting is perfect for the right couple. Are they???

  3. OK then…. race the poor guy already. If he gets hurt, you’re in big trouble, buddy!!!

  4. Us women have our ways, so you best not tempt me in this, Master Mate.

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