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The Parcel: More Messages

So it took me a few minutes to work out exactly what the hand written code on Téa’s note meant. Obviously I knew it was a code of some sort, that bit was easy, but how was I suppose to decipher it without some sort of key, or code breaker? Of course it made sense that a code and a code breaker were not sent in the same parcel, that would just be silly and even Téa is not that silly, cray, cray maybe, but not silly. However having said that I have to say she is also very, very secretive when she needs to be, as the need to talk in coded messages inferred.

That to me indicated I already had at my disposal somewhere, a method of working out what the code in front of me actually meant. I didn’t bother looking in the parcel the phone came in, as I said that would be silly, but I did look in amongst the wrapping and box from the dial and found nothing. It obviously needed more thought.

I looked at the code for several moments, it definitely looked random, which was a good thing, but what did I have at my disposal to crack the code that no one else had? I don’t know what it was that actually kicked my brain into gear but once I saw the tell I knew exactly what it was I was looking at.

I pushed my office chair across the floor rolling it towards the filing cabinet that sat against the back wall of the room. I hunted through the files looking for something that I knew was there. It was stashed between the phone bills and the car insurance papers and the little tab that stuck out had a single word on it that gave away no clue as to what the piece of paper was. I pulled the paper out and glanced at it, to the naked eye it looked like a bunch of letters jumbled across a page, but I knew it was the code to help me decipher Téa’s message.

Ok I guess you’re now wondering why Téa sent me a code deciphering key in the first place? It was a strange thing, she gave it to me the first time we ever met, in Texas when I was on holiday. We’d built up a bit of a friendship after a few years of talking to each other on the internet and when I told her I was visiting the US for a holiday she jumped at the chance to meet up. During that meet up she handed me a piece of A4 paper and told me to hold onto it and keep it safe, no reason, no excuse, just a simple request. It was a bit of an odd request but I didn’t question it, I might not have met Téa at that point but I knew she was a little eccentric, to be nice, and fulfilling her request was easier than arguing even if I dumped the piece of paper before I got back to my hotel

In the end I guess the paper must have intrigued me, the idea behind it must have provided me some interest because I didn’t get rid of it, I brought it home with me and kept it. It wasn’t something I thought about often and it sat in the filing cabinet untouched for several years before Téa sent me something that required decoding. It was at about that time that I started asking questions about how and why it was me that got the code. Téa didn’t hesitate in telling me that she knew I was the only one she could trust with such an item, knew I was the best person for the item and knew I would be the one person who would take it without question.

I guess many people in my position would have asked questions, maybe even refused the item or thrown it away but at the end of the day I couldn’t do it to Téa. She asked me to hold a piece of paper, it’s not like she asked me to hide a elephant in my house, the effort in what she asked of me was nothing in the big scheme of things.

So how did I know that the message I’d received in the mail needed the code decipherer that was in my file cabinet? Well once I saw the pattern in what I was reading it was easy to figure it out because the only other time I’d needed to use the decoding note the same pattern was evident.

I’m not going to tell you what the pattern was because now you know there is a pattern all it would take is getting hold of the decipher code and Téa’s unique coding method would be exposed. I’m sorry but I just couldn’t do that to her, not after the trouble she’s gone to to keep it all a secret.

So with the decoding script in my hand I pushed myself back to the desk, the five wheeled spider that was under my office chair of course didn’t go straight and I hit the leg of the desk but that’s to be expected. I pulled myself along the desk into the position I needed to be in then laid the paper flat on the desk and began reading the code.

Of course I read the entire code off in my head and did not write anything down on paper. It was made easier by the fact that almost instantly I began to notice another pattern in the characters that were on the delivered note.

Within about two minutes I had the message decoded in my head, it was a web address, again I’m not going to tell you what the exact address was because it’s Téa secret to tell not mine but I knew I had deciphered it correctly once I could spell it out.

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  1. Deanna

    Yea, that was fun. You are sooogoid at keeping secrets. She knew she could trust him! : ). Interesting start!

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