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The Chess Tournament

bad poetry

The big chest tournament had come to town
The champion player sure to be getting a crown
In the hotel foyer the players all gathered
On and on for hours they all blathered

Who was going to win, who was going to lose
It was giving the hotel manager a case of the blues
The longer it went on the louder they all got
When the volume went up, they all lost the plot

The manager had enough, his other patrons were tired
The chest ponies were annoying and so uninspired
Down to the foyer the manager did walk
Straight up to the players to have a nice talk

He asked them all nicely if they could disperse
You’d think he’d committed murder, or something worse
“Why should we leave, we are the chess master class.
But for having a good time you want us out on our arse”

The hotel manger he did not want to be rude
But they forced his hand and he was not in the mood
“Don’t get all narky and don’t be calling no lawyer.
I just can’t stand chess-nuts boasting in an open foyer.


  1. These funny posts remind me of the funny lip-sync videos.

    • If I wasn’t such a fraidy cat when it came to posting real life stuff I could make such a video.

      BTW I like the split personality thing with the replies. I don’t know what to call you! 😛

  2. I do have a wonderful imagination.

  3. Good thing we’re both using ours.

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