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Two Eskimos

Desna and Qannik sat in their boat
Two Eskimo hunters, on the river they float
Two hungry families, at home they are waiting
While Desna and Qannik were quietly baiting

Fish be the meal, their families will eat
But the Eskimo hunters are in need of some heat
Because it’s not like, they live in Nebraska
On no Desna and Qannik, they live in Alaska

In Alaska there is always a degree of chill-i-ness
But that should not excuse, one’s sill-i-ness
Fishing to feed a family, a dangerous task
But from now on only the smartest, they will ask

Because when the coldness out there, did get so dire
Qannik the brainless, he did go and start a small fire
In the middle of their little boat, he did light it
Next thing they knew their little boat was ignited

The boat it did sink, to the bottom of the lake
Two Eskimos swimming, Qannik did feel like a flake
Proving forever that the story be true
You can’t have your kayak, and heat it too.


  1. but of course! heating kayak will fill you up with frozen calories! 🙂

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