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The Pirate Captain: Back Thru Time

“Captain, thar be those darn vikin’s off th’ starboard bow!”

The Good Captain stirred under the sheets of the bed he shared with his fair maiden. He was dead to the world after a long night of drinking at Nancy’s. Whether the dreams he was having where induced by the copious amounts of rum he had consumed or they were just images of his tired mind didn’t matter such pleasant dreams could never be a bad thing.

The crew had been at sea for several weeks, it was an epic quest the likes of which they had never seen before. They were off some Caribbean shore minding their own business when they came across a strange device. It was but a simple wooden box with two buttons on it, one green button with the word “go” printed on it and one red button with the word “stop” written on it. The device turned out to be a mystic portal into another time, a time log ago when Vikings thought they ruled the land and the sea. They held mighty treasures from the villages and the towns they did loot, they took advantage of the weak to increase their wealth. Stealing their treasure, their money and their gold was the aim of the infamous pirate crew and they would not rest until it as done.

Being well versed in history, with an ancestry that dated back more years than most could count the Good Captain knew that pirates pre-dated Vikings by several hundred years. They had ruled the seas long before Vikings took to the waters in their little row boats and they out lasted them by hundreds of years. Having the chance to fight the long dead foe, even if only in a dream was something the Good Captain relished in.

The Privateer sat on the crystal clear, glass like water. The crew were at the ready, cannons loaded and prepared to fire. At the same time the Viking long boat sat less than that thirty feet away. The Vikings knew they were no match for the pirate crew or the weapons they possessed and they tried not to show fear by backing down, but it was pointless they fear was written all over their faces.

“Ye put yer faith in the dead, like Odin ‘n Thor! Our faith lies in our cannons ‘n swords!” The Good Captain called across to the long boat of frightened Vikings. “Them Vikin’ gods can nah save ye now. ’cause this pirate crew be goin’ t’ strikin’ across ye starboard bow.”

Despite their orders not to show fear more than half of the Viking crew trembled on their feet in the boat. The pirate crew began to chant.

“Back through time, t’ fight th’ fearful vikin’ crew!” The chant started at the front of the boat.

“Back through time, our voyage does go. Five hundred years into th’ past.” Called out the group standing in the centre of the ship.

“Our destiny you can’t out last. Fer infamy ‘n plunder we shall ride!” Called out the final group.

It was not difficult to see that the Vikings were trying their best to retreat without being noticed. Small movements from the oarsmen under the main deck created ripples in the water as the two boats separated inch by inch. Had the Vikings accepted their fate and handed over their treasure their lives may have been saved but they were too stupid to back down.

While the horn hatted, bushy bearded, monkey men that claimed to be history’s most fearsome warriors sat on the glassy ocean silently an without words, begging for their mercy the Good Captain and his crew stared them down. The smell of fear wafting up from the Viking ship was unmistakably foul, otherwise known as the stench of failure.

“Ye know yer ships are powerless against our cannon fire.” the Good Pirate Captain called out loudly.

The crew of the Privateer took no prisoners on that day. Keeping captives was not the pirate way. Throughout the attack the Vikings prayed for mercy, prayed to be spared. They prayed loudly to their gods, worthless gods that had long ago suffered the same fate they were about to. Odin did not hear the cries. Thor did not avenge his disciples. And one by one the powerless Viking horde fell to the might of the pirate crew.

Standing on the deck of the Privateer the good Captain and his crew had been victorious.

“Th’ history books tell o’ such mighty loot which th’ Vikin’ clans did hold, but this mighty pirate crew did scuttle them all jus’ t’ loot thar gold!” Yelled the good captain.

It was daylight when the Good Captain awoke with a smile on his face. As a pirate captain seeing battle after battle, seeing murder, mayhem, blood and death around every other corner the dreams of the asleep were not always pleasant. But to wake from such a dream with nothing but pleasant thoughts in his mind was a true blessing for the Good Captain.

“And what has got you in such a good mood?” The Fair Maiden said as she noticed the Good Captain rising from bed with a spring in his step and a smile on his face.

“Another Vikin’ horde has been disposed o’.”

They had before spoken of such dreams so the Fair Maiden didn’t need explanations for what he was talking about.

“I’m so glad for you my dear.”

“One day history will tell o’ th’ mighty pirate crew who went back in time ‘n battled Vikin’s t’ th’ death, provin’ without a doubt who has really ruled th’ sea since th’ dawn o’ time.”

“Yes my dear!” replied the Fair Maiden with a smile.

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