“It’s ok I didn’t take him up on the offer!”

Tracey was responding to Danny’s response to her comments regarding the person she had suspected was following her while she was staying at Anne’s place. After Danny spilled the beans about hiring a private investigator Tracey thought she’d made the connection between her stranger and Danny’s PI but Danny was quick to deflect the conversation and suggest that the two people weren’t the same.

It wasn’t until Tracey’s comment about her stranger actually hitting on her and making crude comments about her husband that Danny saw red and responded with words of anger. It was at that moment Tracey knew there was more to Danny’s story that he was letting on. She didn’t know exactly what that story was but years of living with him told her there was something related to the private investigator he wasn’t telling her.

“I’m not saying you did sleep with the guy, but where the fuck does he get off making comments like that about me?”

Tracey knew Danny had a bit of a jealous streak and it upset him when other men looked at her in the wrong way, it was actually something she’d always found reassuring. The fact he still got jealous meant he was still trying to keep other men away from her. But his only comment after being told that a stranger hit on her was all about him, and that was why there was alarm bells ringing in Tracey’s head.

“Oh yeah, because it’s all about you? He made a few comments about you, meanwhile he tried to stick one hand up my skirt and grabbed my tit with the other hand!” Tracey’s response was a little more angry than she intended but she wasn’t going to apologise for it.

Danny was pissed off that the PI had actually hit on his wife. When the guy had approached him about paying someone to hit on Tracey to prove whether she was trying to date other guys Danny was ambivalent about the deal, but at the same time the PI never said it was him that was hitting on her, had he said that Danny would never have agreed. The fact that the guy had gone even further and actually groped his wife irked Danny even more.

“Yeah ok, I’m sorry. It’s not about me. I know. But seriously where the hell does a guy like that get off groping other women and making such comments. Surely no one with more than a few brain cells thinks that sort of effort is a pick up.” Danny said after a few moments to think and cool down.

“Well, like I say the guy was wasting his time, even if he wasn’t repulsive he wasn’t going to get anywhere with me. I’m glad he wasn’t the PI you hired because he wasn’t very professional if that’s the way he handled things.” Tracey said.

“Yeah well if my guy had of done that I would killed him!”

They both knew it was an empty threat only spoken to ensure the silence didn’t last for too long.

“Doesn’t matter any more, they guy is long gone.”

The conversation continued but Danny was struggling in his own mind with revelation about the investigator he had hired. He’d actually thought admitting the story was going to relax his mind and make things easier. He wasn’t thinking it would fix anything but it was at least going to stop the number of times he stumbled around nearly tripping up on his own words.

But it wasn’t until Danny dropped one too many connections to the PI that Tracey pounced on the comment and he knew his goose had finally been cooked.

“It was your PI!” Tracey said with little surprise. “I knew it!”

“What? Huh? No it wasn’t. “What do you mean?” Danny was giving himself away with every word spoken, the problem was he didn’t immediately realise it.

“Don’t play coy with me Danny. It’s gone on too long.”

“What are you talking about?” Danny was trying to remain calm and talk slowly because he knew any signs of being heated was a dead give away.

“Danny I know the PI was the guy that hit on me. Your story hasn’t been adding up since I first mentioned that I noticed him. Your reactions have all been defensive and then you just referred to the guy’s jacket which is the same as the one I described earlier.”

“I did not!” Danny said defensively.

“Yes you did!”

“I did not!”

“Look Danny I am really past caring about it all. Am I annoyed you hired someone to follow me? Yeah a little bit, but it’s in the past. I’m annoyed the guy hit on me too but again it’s old news and I’m over it Danny.”

“You’re over it? What does that mean?” Danny asked.

“I’m over it all Danny. Obviously we’ve both done things we could happily forget we’ve done. How about we do just that?” Tracey said calmly.

“Forget?” Danny was down to one word replies because he was getting tired with the discussion.

“Yes Danny. Forget the bad things, forget the things that hurt each other and for a change focus on us.”

“That sounds good in theory.” Danny replied.

“Well? Do you think we can at least try it?”

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