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Outback Rescue: The Good Sister

Remember where I was? That’s right I was at home, I’d just arrived to find a strange four wheel drive parked in front of my house. Then when I got out of the Beast and stepped up to my front door I was greeted but the ugliest pretend body builder ever. Not only that the shaved goose before me greeted me with “Hey Sis!”

Oh don’t worry I was as surprised as you are, I had no idea I had a brother, I grew up as an only child. I suppose I did leave home when I was nineteen and my parents were relatively young so the possibilities were there, maybe they forgot to mention it too me. However the problem with that thought was that the meat head before me didn’t look that much younger than me. I couldn’t help but wonder what secrets my parents had been keeping from me.

Okay enough of that, of course I had a brother and of course I knew who he was, like I say the guy before me wasn’t that much younger than me, we grew up together. Although I have to say last time I saw him he wasn’t being such a try hard.

“What are you doing here Maggot?” I asked him.

His name was Matthew but sometimes I forgot that and had to use his nickname, a nickname only I seemed to use.

“Obviously all this time up here alone has done wonders for your charm and wit!” Matthew said without cracking a smile.

“Says the guy whose about as charming as the veranda post.” I paused before adding, “and built like it too! Seriously, if you’re going to wear a muscle shirt shouldn’t you at least have some muscles to put in it?”

“And here I was thinking you were up here running some kind of rescue operation, saving stranded cars or something, but I see all you’ve been doing it practising your comedy routine. Are you planning on taking your show on tour or are you worried that your show wont translate to people who don’t feel sorry for you?”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the one, he’d definitely gotten better at the put downs in the last few years. I stepped forward and gave the guy a huge hug.

“How, ya going bro? Long time no see, have you got the kettle on?” I asked.

Honestly I was genuinely happy to see my dear bro, it had been a long time since we’d seen each other and we had a lot to catch up on. If he’d managed to put the kettle on sometime between hearing the Beast coming down the driveway and coming out to meet me I was going to be thankful.

“Of course sis! You know me, I wouldn’t dare forget the kettle!” We broke the hug, turned to the door and headed inside.

“How long have you been here? Why didn’t you come into town looking for me?” I asked.

“Only been up twenty minutes, barely enough time to drink my first coffee. I figured if you were in town somewhere giving myself time to wake up properly was not going to change that.”

“Yeah I was at Nick’s.” As I might have suggested what Nick and I did was not a huge secret so it’s not like Matthew was going to be shocked by where I spent the night. “Hang on have you been here all night?”

It made sense that Matthew had arrived the night before. If he’d arrived before I’d turned up at home he would been driving for a long time because the closest town he could have spent the night at is hours away and if it’s one thing I had educated my family on it is to limit early morning and late night driving.

“Of course I’ve been here all night, as if I’d go against my dear sister’s advice and drive early or late in the day.” Matthew pulled my cup off the dish drainer and slid it and a spoon across the table to me to make my coffee. “I got in about dinner time last night. Thankfully you were nice enough to leave me something to eat. It was only baked beans and some eggs but it was better than nothing.”

“Dinner of champions. You ought to be thankful I left you that much!” I said as Matthew poured hot water into my coffee cup and top of the brown grains at the bottom. “Why didn’t you come into town looking for me? Barry would have cooked you dinner.”

Matthew paused for a minute as if he was thinking of an answer then with a straight face dropped, “Because you told me not to drive at night!”

I pulled the spoon out of my coffee mug and threw it at him, not hard and not that well aimed, just at him. The spoon bounced off Matthew’s left shoulder and clattered to the ground.

“Trust you to only take things literally when you know they aren’t meant that way. Doofus!”

Matthew laughed “I’m only kidding sis, I was knackered when I got in. I thought about heading into town but this place was on the way so I decided to check in here first. Once I stopped I really couldn’t be stuffed getting back in the car, not even for the short trip into town. I figured you’d be home soon enough and didn’t need me chasing you. Besides if you weren’t in town I’d have just had to come back here and it seemed like too much effort.”

“Fair enough. Although if you’d come in you’d have seen Mick Taylor.” Although Matthew hadn’t seen our Wolf Creek ruse I had told him about it over the phone a few times.

“Dammit, now I do wish I’d called ahead.”

“Oh well, never know what might happen while you’re here. How long are you staying?” I paused for a moment and realised Matthew hadn’t asked an earlier question, so I asked it again. “What are you doing here little brother?”

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  1. Your characters are so fun. The brother is similar to my back neighbor. He wears muscle shirts but doesn’t have any muscles. That is hilarious detail. He seems nice enough though.

    This is an intriguing start to an interesting dynamic and story. I’m looking forward to hearing why he’s here and Dean’s reaction.

    : )

    • Thanks. Adding the detail is important, I hate reading stories where details lack.

      Matthew might be nice, I don’t think he’s going to be a serial killer on the run 🙂

  2. Btw …. you have the wrong graphic. This is a Dean post with a Captain graphic. …. unless you were testing me.,,,

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