Danny was having a little trouble believing what had just happened. Tracey’s full story was out, he still wasn’t exactly sure how he felt about that but whatever he’d felt, it was enough to make him realise that Tracey wasn’t the only person in their marriage with problems. But not only that when he finally felt compelled to tell Tracey the truth, well the part about the private Investigator anyway, the look on her face told him she already knew.

“You knew about the PI?” Danny asked after a few seconds silence.

Tracey nodded. “Yes. Well no not definitely. I noticed a guy following me early on but I never suspected he was a private investigator.” Tracey paused giving Danny a chance to tell her when he hired the PI but Danny remained silent so Tracey continued. “The first time I suspected it was at the Starburst.”

Danny knew the Starburst, it was the pub the PI had followed Tracey to in the third week she’d been absent. He was tempted to ask her what it was as an attempt to deflect something that might come back and bite him but he realised that time was pretty much past.

“It was the first time Anne and I had been there and I noticed this man sitting at a table near where we were sitting.”

“How often did the two of you go to the pub together?” Danny asked. He didn’t remember the PI ever suggesting that Tracey was at the pub with anyone else and wondered if maybe she was remembering a person that wasn’t Danny’s PI and if so maybe he could bend his story a bit and have her believe he’d only hired the investigator for a short time, not the entire time she was away.

“Only twice, both times for dinner but only once in the bar.” Tracey replied as Danny realised his PI was more than likely busted early. “Anyway, this was the first time, we were sitting in the bar having a few drinks before the Bistro opened at six and there was this guy giving Anne a look so she decided to flirt with him a bit. Neither of us were drunk, far from it, but for nearly fifteen minutes this guy just kept giving Anne the eye.”

Danny had only met Anne a few times and it was usually at a race track or such event where his attention was elsewhere but he remembered what she looked like. Anne was taller than Tracey but her build was similar and the last time he’d seen her she’d had a similar hair cut to Tracey. In Danny’s mind Tracey was a lot prettier, her face was more naturally beautiful, and from front on you could see Tracey had a larger chest but those things aside he could understand why someone in a bar would flirt with her.

Tracey continued. “Anyway just before we went in for dinner another guy approaches the man and they start talking. Nothing unusual in that except that this guy wore dark dinner jacket, with faded blue jeans, a purple T-shirt and sneakers. It’s not a bad look but it stood out.” Danny realised Tracey had just described the outfit his PI had been wearing every time they’d met in person. “After a minute or two Anne and I are trying to look like we aren’t looking at these two, Anne actually thought she’d have a chance at both! Can you believe that, both at once!” Tracey laughed. “However it soon became apparent that the conversation wasn’t entirely cheerful. The second guy started shaking his head and pointing at Anne, then pointing at me. We couldn’t hear what they were saying and as soon as they called us for dinner we left because even Anne decided they were acting strange.”

“What made you suspect he was a PI? Danny asked wondering if he could still deflect the time frame by telling her the man at the pub was not his investigator.

“Like I say I don’t really think I did at first.” Tracey said. “I think it was about three days later, yeah it was, on the pubic holiday.”

Danny knew immediately that Tracey was talking about the end of the third week she’d been absent, if he couldn’t find something to deflect the time frame soon he was going to have to admit more than just hiring an investigator.

“I was at the shops, Anne had just dropped me off and I was going to do a little window shopping while she went off to an appointment. I was coming out of a lingerie shop and nearly ran into the guy in the dark dinner jacket. He was wearing exactly the same clothes as in the pub.” Tracey paused for a second before starting again. “I didn’t really think it was that odd but then I saw him a third time walking past Anne’s place and a fourth time at the supermarket where I nearly run into him. I was so close at the supermarket that I actually said hello, you know the nervous type of “Hi” you give someone you run into when you think you know them but can’t place them. That’s how close we seemed to be getting, but get this each time I saw him he was wearing the same clothes, I started wondering if the guy was stalking me. Then he just disappeared.”

Tracey paused and Danny took up the conversation quickly. “I’m sure that it wasn’t the guy I hired.” Danny lied.

During Tracey’s story he also realised that the investigator had been lying to him. While he’d told Danny he’d seen Tracey at multiple locations he’s never once suggested he’d run into her. He also hadn’t told her about the second guy in the pub hitting on the wrong woman. In the PI’s words the first effort of hitting on Tracey had been so successful that paying an extra $300 for a second all out go at proving she was dating other guys was a necessity.

“Probably a good thing, the guy would have been a terrible PI given the number of times I spotted him. What got me was the second time we saw him at the Starburst, just after New Years, not only was he still wearing the same clothes but the guy actually hit on me.”

Danny half heartedly laughed and said.”You’re kidding, not that you aren’t worth it but a PI hitting on his target is so unprofessional.” Danny was digging himself a hole he hoped he wouldn’t fall into.

“Oh it gets better, he then told me he wanted to take me home and do things to me that my husband didn’t know how to do! At the same time he groped my breast and tried to put his hand up my skirt!”

“He fucking what!” Danny growled.

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