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Outback Rescue: At Night’s End

After a long day goose hunting with Nick along outback tracks and a long evening drinking and playing horror movie pranks on unsuspecting tourists at the Halls pub I got in the Beast and drove home.

I’m only kidding, as if the Miss Safety Concious would drive home after a few drinks. Even out here in the middle of nowhere with a short trip home on roads which probably had no traffic on them I wouldn’t drive home after an evening in the pub.

I wasn’t drunk, I don’t do that, but I also know when I have had too many to legally drive. Whether I could get away with it or not is beside the point, I wouldn’t do it, after all how is the local cop suppose to chase me for a breathalyser when he’s been on the sauce as well?

To be fair driving home, especially after being in the pub with him, is not something I’d ever ask Nick to ignore. He’s an officer of the law, drink driving is illegal and I wouldn’t ask a friend to bend the laws for me.

“Want a cot for the night?” Nick said as we stepped out onto the footpath after Barry shut the door at 2am. It was a courtesy invite made purely as his way of telling me I was welcome to sleep at his place behind the station, he made it any night we’d had a few drinks.

“Oh, another night in the cells, what would I tell my parents?” I said with a smile as we headed across the road.

As I suggested the road wasn’t busy, there was not a single moving vehicle anywhere in sight, and we could not see any headlights coming from the distance in either direction. We could however see a crescent moon in a cloudless sky. Although Bruce and Gwen called it stumps at midnight Charlie and Chantelle stayed until just before Nick and I headed off, however they must have been quick walkers because we couldn’t see or hear them walking back to the motel as we crossed the road heading towards the police station.

“Coffee? Nightcap? Bonox?” Nick asked as we walked through the station and headed towards his little two bedroom flat.

Bonox for those who don’t know is a thick yeast extract used for nearly a hundred years as an ingredient for stock. Although some drank it years and years ago in more recent times it became the silly drink you offered guests as a joke, especially for the people who claim to not like anything, or are just bloody picky.

“Nah it’s been a long day, I think bed is in order.” I replied.

Several minutes later we were both in Nick’s bed, naked and embraced in each others arms. Our lips moved together as we kissed and Nick’s tongue gently slipped it’s way into my open mouth. It wasn’t an over chilly night, or morning, but Nick’s body radiated a warmth against my skin everywhere our bodies touched.

As we laid on our sides kissing one another he traced his fingers up and down my spine, at first I felt a shiver run through me but as I got used to it the feeling changed. His fingers suddenly felt like they were red hot, my skin like it was ice, and his touch like he was tracing melted lines across my back. At the same time his right foot slid up and down my calf, I could feel the rough skin on the soles of his feel gently scratching my legs.

The longer we kissed the more Nick’s touch excited me. The more his touch excited me the harder I kissed him and the harder I kissed him the tighter my embrace of his upper torso become. It was Nick who eventually broke the kiss but only so he could move his lips to my neck. I breathed audibly in short, sharp gasps as his lips and stubbled chin moved below my left ear. It was at that moment I felt his hand move. As Nick’s hand moved south I urged him onward, told him what I wanted, told him what I needed, then used my own hand to guide him to the right place so I got it.

Obviously I wasn’t counting the minutes, after the first one counting was beyond me, but Nick’s hand seemed to have a mind of it’s own for what felt like an eternity and once his fingers had finished the job at hand I’m sure you can guess what happened.

He wasn’t rough and he wasn’t quick but he was every bit the gentleman I may have in the past suggested he was.

It was after 3am when I next had a chance to look at the time on the clock beside Nick’s bed, I was laying on my left hand side and he was spooning himself up against my back. We fell asleep that way and didn’t wake up until Nick’s phone rang just after 8am.

Ok I’m not sure what your thinking right now. It could be, “Why did they do that?” Or maybe, “Was Dean too drunk to know what she was doing?” Or maybe even “Why would Nick take advantage of Dean like that?” Such question may then lead you to questions like, “How will this effect things?” or “Will Dean and Nick get married?” But I can tell you without a doubt you have nothing to worry about.

As passionate as our night together may have been Nick and I wont be getting married, things wont be effected between us and we will still remain the best of friends. How do I know this? Easy! Because our late night liaison in Nick’s flat was not the first time it had happened and probably wont be the last, but it was the first time I’d felt the need to share it with you.

The next morning as I drove the Beast the short distance back to my place I thought to myself. ‘Well Little Miss in cyberland I accept your dare, I’ll even double it, but are you willing to accept one in return?’

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  1. This is such a lovely way to present this scene! It seemed real to the characters, and it was romantic even without the details. So, so well done, mate! You honored the dare beautifully. I’m very pleased. : )

    • Thanks 🙂 It may seem like I took a long time to honour it but I wrote this within days of your double dare, which looking back appears to be 3 and a half months ago. (maybe I have too much pre-written 🙂 )

      It was a deliberate move to lack detail (and not just because I’m male and all sex scenes lack detail 🙂 ) because it would be a silly cop out just to have them suddenly fall madly deeply in love. I hate stories that do that. An ‘as needed service’ scenario seemed to fit them better.

      For the record there was another suggestion for Dean which you have mentioned several times that is coming up very soon.

      • OMG I don’t even remember the other one right now, but I’m excited to read it. You know you could post more often and catch up a bit? Hint, hint! I enjoyed having that new connection with them. Great job. : )

        • That’s why I leave them so long, you forget you mentioned them then they are a surprise when they happen. Or you forget you mentioned them and when I write it you think it’s an amazing idea and I’m brilliant for thinking of it. 🙂

          I could just send you the whole file and let you read them in one hit and save me posting them too 🙂

          • Yes, yes. Do it! Do it now! Knowing how mischievous you are, you’ll wait another 3 1/2 months before you actually sent it. I like Dean. She’s awesome! You

            • You’re the only own who reads it anyway 🙂

              If I sent it through you’d only be asking me for something else to fill the void and the only idea I have right now is not working. Starts with a hell of a hook but I can’t figure out the rest of it 🙂

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