Tracey knew Danny had to come back down stairs eventually he wasn’t one for long showers and he wouldn’t hide up there knowing she could walk in and trap him there at any time. If anything the shower was an excuse to move away and clear his head, or give him thinking time to come up with a story.

Not that it was his form but she also knew that with the front door only able to be deadbolted and needing a key to be unlocked that he couldn’t sneak out the front while she wasn’t looking. With that in mind she grabbed her coffee used the house keys to unlock the sliding door onto the patio and sat down in the morning sun waiting for Danny to come back down stairs. Interestingly it wasn’t Danny coming down stairs she first heard as she sat there playing Candy Crush on her mobile phone, it was Danny standing on the balcony above her.

“Hey buddy, hows it going?”

Danny was standing on the balcony talking to someone on his mobile phone.

“Same old shit, mate.”

Tracey could obviously only hear one side of the conversation but given the volume of Danny’s voice he obviously didn’t expect Tracey to be sitting below him because he wasn’t hiding anything. Tracey was just about to get up and go inside when she heard her name mentioned.

“The place is good, but Tracey dropped a fucking story on me mate and I don’t know how to handle it.”

Danny went on to tell the person on the end of the phone about about the chat the two of them had just had, from the way he spoke Tracey knew he was talking to Rick.

“She still hasn’t got a reason for leaving, she claims she had depression and couldn’t talk to me about it in case I cracked the shits and in case we lost the championship. But what did she have to be depressed about?”

Tracey was disappointed with the way Danny had chosen to explain things to Rick but whatever it was he heard from the other end of the phone at that point must have tweaked a string in Danny’s heart because Tracey could tell he wasn’t entirely appreciative of his friend’s input.

“That’s fucking history, man, I make one fuck up.” there was a pause in Danny’s voice, “yeah ok two…maybe, but she still could have said something,” another pause. “Of course I’d have been pissed if we lost the championship, the whole team would have been.”

Danny wasn’t getting too riled up, the addition of a few expletives were an indication he was annoyed with what Rick was saying, and the situation itself but he wasn’t yet losing his cool. Tracey stopped playing Candy Crush and listened to Danny’s side of the conversation, she hoped Danny wouldn’t lose his cool with Rick, Rick had been a good friend over the years and although he’d seen Danny’s temper he didn’t deserve it for being a friend. Tracey hoped Danny’s anger management would pull him through.

“But that’s not the point man, even if she did have it how could she keep it from me for twelve months?”

“What the fuck?” Tracey thought as Danny seemed to suggest her depression had been a long term thing she refused to tell him about.

“Then to just up and piss off after telling me she was ok with me going on the team camp.” A pause presumably for Rick to speak. “Yeah of course she told me I could go,” another pause. “Makes me think she had it all planned mate.”

To some people sitting there listening to her husband speak to his mates on the phone would have been the wrong thing to do but Tracey was beyond such thoughts. She knew Danny exaggerated the truth a little bit with his mates, especially after a few drinks, but to hear him blatantly waltz around the real topic and tell only half to the story was annoying. The conversation went on for a few minutes more and the topic of discussion seemed to settle down to chatter rather than anything else. There was a few mentions of Tracey’s name but nothing as bad as how the conversation had started.

“Yeah mate I probably should go too, she’s probably stormed out and disappeared down the shops or something.” there was laughter, but it wasn’t hearty laughter. “Yeah mate of course I do, you fucking know that…Okay cya Monday.”

Had Tracey been able to hear the Rick’s question which invoked the last comment she have known that the question was “Do you still love her” but of course she could not hear that.

In the few minutes it took Danny to come down the stairs Tracey had decided not to move from the chair on the patio, instead she picked up her phone and resumed her game of Candy Crush. She wasn’t going to admit to Danny that she sat there and listened to his phone call to Rick but she was also not going to try and hide the fact she was there by going back inside and making herself look busy.

Excuses were not needed, even if Danny suspected she had heard the call he said nothing as he walked out to the patio and sat down at the table.

“Is the kettle is hot?” He asked nodding at Tracey’s mug sitting on the table.

“Probably, but it wont take a minute to boil again. Would you like me to get you a coffee?”

“Yeah that would be good!” Danny replied.

Tracey really didn’t need another coffee but she decided since she was making one for Danny she’d have another one and sit down at the table with him. Because she had overheard Danny’s phone call a few minutes earlier she was slightly taken aback with Danny’s conversation starter when she returned to the table with two steaming cups of coffee.

“So how are you coping with things? Has the time away actually helped you? Have you been able to talk to someone?” Danny asked.

Tracey thought for a few seconds then replied honestly. “I’m not going to lie Danny there is no short term fix. Things have improved, I’m slowly coming to terms with the miscarriage and how it affected me, and I want to help you come to terms with how it affects you too. But honestly the depression is something that takes time to address.”

Tracey tried her best to include Danny in the problem surround the miscarriage, he might have considered it too little too late but Tracey couldn’t help that.

“So what do you want more quacks, I mean doctors? More money? More pubs? What?”

“What is with you and your comments about pubs Danny?”

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