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The Parcel: Typical Yank! 😜

Honestly if it wasn’t a chocberry sundae I was eating I’m fairly sure Téa would have been wearing it, she probably could have pulled it off too! Okay maybe the streaks of brown chocolate running down her face wouldn’t match her pink running shoes but the pink strawberry flavouring would have matched quiet well.

So, was she being cheeky and riding me to see what sort of reaction she would get or had she actually run out of money and doing the diner dishes was going to be our payment for having the extra deserts?

“Don’t you know how to wash dishes?” she asked me.

“No, in my country we just throw them away to save washing them.” I could see she was about to say something no doubt about washing or the lack thereof so I beat her to it. “You’d be used to the not washing part wouldn’t you?”

Almost instantly a sad look came across Téa’s face, her lip dropped, her eyes closed slightly and she looked down at the table. I’d known her quite a few years and while we’d only met up a few times even my powers of deduction suggested she didn’t find my comment as funny as I did.

“Didn’t your Mom teach you not to pick on the way a woman smells?” she said in a low voice that was nearly drowned out but the surrounding noise of the diner.

“No but my Mum did teach me how to say Mum properly!” I replied with a smile hoping my silly reference to my localised language would to perk her up after my last comment.

“Oh so now you are picking on the way I talk? Geez I’m so bloody sorry I don’t talk like you.”

Okay well this was the first time since I’d known her that Téa had ever reacted to my comments about her speech in such a manner. Usually her response was something equally as silly and witty about my own language. I guess that was the first sign I should have noticed because had I actually thought about it and not been thinking along the lines of how to repair the damage my joke caused I wouldn’t have needed to be on the look out for the second sign.

So what was the second sign? An ice cream covered spoon splatting on the end on my nose. It wasn’t an entire spoonful, or a big dollop or anything just a smear of ice cream across the rear of the spoon but it landed squarely on the tip of nose schnoze.

“Oi!” I said in a mix of shock and amazement as I grabbed a napkin to wipe my nose.

“Yes?” Téa asked with an innocent look on her face.

“What was that for?”

“Do you really need to ask?”

I didn’t but that didn’t mean I actually deserved it. “So was the spoon on the schnoze for the comment about your stank or your speech?”

Another spoon came my way but this time I saw it and moved my head, pity I moved it the wrong way the the spoon hit me right in the middle of the cheek.


“You already said that!”

“And you already splatted me.” I replied wiping the second splatter in as many seconds off my face.

“Yes, but you don’t learn well!”

“Would it help if I apologise?”

“Apologise? I think you should apologize!”

Obviously both words sounded the same as Téa spoke them and apparently it was ok for her to make comments about speech but not me about hers.

“Would you like me to say sorry?” I asked trying to make sure my language was understood as I meant it to be.

“Yes, yes I would.” Téa replied. Usually the girl was good at hiding her sarcasm and holding a straight face but right at the time I saw just a little hint, a twitch that made me wonder if she was being as silly as I was. I decided to take my chances.

“Okay then Téa.” I cleared my throat audibility to make a point, then said. “What should I be sorry for, the comment about your speech or because you smell?”

That time it wasn’t the spoon I didn’t see coming, it was one of those pink running shoes she was wearing and it crashed into my shin causing me to both jump and swear. As I leaned over to my left to reach down and rub my shin that was when the spoon smeared in ice cream hit me on the nose again!

“Can we go home?” I asked in a low voice, not quite a whisper but one that I hope showed I was giving up.

“Have you had enough of me?” Téa asked with a smile.

“No dear, I could never have enough of you, but I do have a sore leg. I must have tripped on something, something that didn’t offer me an apology.”

“Yeah well that happens from time to time. You know I was once with a person that spent all his time insulting me. Could you imagine that, who would want to insult me all the time. I’m nearly perfect.”

“Insult you all the time? I don’t believe it. I reckon you were mishearing him.” I said with a smile.

“I don’t think so, but maybe we can change the subject.” I nodded in agreement. “Ok, how are you at doing the dishes?”

The smirk on her face was unmistakable, maybe once or twice we both cut a little too close to the bone with our comments but we both still respected and liked each other….I think.

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  1. This was a cool chapter. Having her overhear the conversation was a terrific twist. I was curiously interstellar in what he would reveal and what she would here. You also did s great job of writing only one side of the conversation, with the narrative in the background. I enjoyed this chapter, but I don’t get the impression he really still loves her.

    • Thanks but I get the impression this comment belongs on the other post 🙂

      I like your impressions and ideas. As you know much of this (the one you meant to post on) is pre-written and while I sort of remember where my mind was headed as I wrote it hearing your ideas as you read it is really interesting.

      As I’ve said before I don’t write this based on your comments (I can’t even remember exactly when these chapters were written) so I’m not changing things based on responses but it’s really interesting to hear how your impressions and thoughts flow from one episode to another. Sometimes they fit right in with my thoughts and flow into other chapters, other times they are almost opposite, but some how we often come back in alignment.

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