A day care centre, the scene of the crime
It wasn’t the bad telling of a nursery rhyme
The staff they did show little resistance
They quickly called for some pol-ice assistance

The police officers came with their warning lights flashing
In their blue uniforms they did look quite smashing.
They knew law and order was just what they needed
And there was no way they would be leaving defeated

“Where are the culprits?” The constable said.
The teacher replied, “Behind the couch playing dead.”
The police went off to find the four little boys
The teacher was right, they were barely making a noise

Quiet was good but they were suppose to be sleeping
Not laying on the floor, not playing, not creeping
It was nap time at day care and these four wouldn’t lay
So the Constable decided it was his game they would play

“Come with me boys, you have been nabbed.”
He said as if four major criminals he’d grabbed.
“There’s no need to fight, we are doing out best,
But boy’s you’ve been nabbed for resisting a rest!”