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A Visit To The Zoo

A family day out, twas all but planned
A trip to the Zoo, twas bound to be grand
Mum, Dad, and the kids, were all so excited
Wondering what it was, that would be sighted

In the car, they did all at once pile
No one farted, ‘cause that would’ve been vile
A long trip ahead of them they did have to travel
But the kilometres did quickly begin to unravel

Excitement was at, an all time high
Would they see a tiger or a small butterfly
Would they see an elephant or maybe a lion
Or maybe even a long snouted dinosaur scion

The car park resembled an empty void
No one around but a man, walking his samoyed
Mum, Dad and the kids, in all there was eight
And from the car park they headed straight for the gate

Enclosure after enclosure the family’s opinion less pleasant
Because inside the big Zoo there was only one tenant
They searched and they searched but not even a frog
After an hour of looking all they found was a dog.

Leaving in disgust they all fled for the gate
The gatekeeper wondering why they weren’t late.
Dad voice was loud, as the gate they went through
“There is only one dog and it is a shitzu!”


  1. Giggle … I’m so glad you found my dog. Bummer day though. Ice cream makes such events better. : )

    • Getting old and losing things again are we? 😛

      Might not have been the best day but they will always have the memory of the shitzu….and the memory of a dad joke turned into a poem

  2. No worries, I was losing things before I got old”er.”
    I hope it wasn’t a dad prank! That would be mean. I do hope the day turned out well in the end. : )

    • I lost my mind years ago and it hasn’t effected me 🙂

      The dog was in a zoo all by itself how well could it have been?

      I lost my mind years ago and it hasn’t effected me 🙂

      Dad jokes are different to dad pranks, it would be a hell of a prank to set up an entire zoo empty bar for one little runt of a dog but dad jokes are just a jumble of words whose only intent is to make kids groan. They work better on teenagers in front of their friends but good ones work with kids of all ages.

      I lost my mind years ago and it hasn’t effected me 🙂

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