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The Parcel: Conversations Never Get Old

“So after all we’ve just been through….” I started but was interrupted quickly.

“You mean our sizzling love romp across middle America where we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and we ran away to join a circus?”

“Sizzling love romp? If that’s what you call what we did you really do need a boy friend!”

“I’ll get one when I get home, just because you said so.” Téa said with a smile.

I’m not a mean person but I decided to deflate Téa’s ego just a little bit given how often she’d tried to deflate mine since we ran into each other at Woodstock.

“And I’ll be sure to send you a puncture repair kit for your birthday!”

“Sounds like the voice of experience to me. Do you often have a problem with your girl friends farting then flying out the window?”

It seemed like even when I threw an over the top line at Téa she could come back at me quick as a flash with something equally as silly or offensive. I really needed better put downs, or I had to stop holding back so as not to offend her, especially since she wasn’t worried about offending me.

Actually that might be a bit over the top, she wasn’t offending me, it was light hearted banter and I could take a joke but that didn’t mean that I didn’t have room to up my game.

“Are you calling me a prick?” Ok I’ll lift my game with the next comment!

“No of course not but those blow up dolls don’t lie!” Téa replied in a flash.

Once again we’d managed to get caught up in one of Téa’s circular conversations where she was able to steer things in any direction while never actually going anywhere. It was a wonderful skill she had but sometimes she forgot to stop.

“You know, as much as I love your ability to command a conversation with charming wit and humour I do have a serious question.” I said to her.

“Oh do you really? Well perhaps you better ask that “serious” question before we make any further moves.” replied Téa as cocky as ever, even using her hands to make air quotes in an effort to emphasise the word serious.

“Ok but you need to promise me that…”

“Just get on with the question before I fall asleep!” There was no doubt about it Téa was quick.

“Smart Arse!” I hit back with.

“My ass isn’t the only smart part of me!”

“Téa!” I wasn’t angry but I was a little annoyed. “Will you shut up for just a minute while I ask my question?”

“Haven’t you asked it already? It was ages ago you started that question.”

I banged my head against the table in frustration, l actually bent down and banged my head on the table. Not hard, I’m not silly, just enough to prove my frustration.

“Shane, are you ok?” Téa paused for a moment then continued. “This is not normal behaviour for a sane person. Would you like me to get you a pillow to put under your head.” Another pause, I guess she was waiting for me to respond and when I didn’t she continued. “It’s the least I could do, after all I am your friend!”

I slowly lifted my head and looked her in the eyes. I know she was joking, life to her is a great joke most of the time but looking her directly in those deep blue eyes right at that moment and I could have sworn she was dead serious.

I rubbed my temples mimicking someone who might have a headache and was trying to massage it away. “Can I just ask my question?” I said in a defeated voice. Téa knew she’d worn me down and agreed to let me ask without interrupting or being silly, I kind of wished I could believe her. I went for it anyway. “So after all we’ve been through.” I looked at Téa and she looked like she wanted to interrupt but she didn’t. “we are just going to go home?” I finally got it all out.

“That’s your question? That is the question that took you forever to ask?” Téa smiled at me as she finished her question.

“Yes! That is the question. My apologises for taking so long to verbalise it, I’m obviously not as articulate as you are when it comes to words.”


“Well articulate away and answer my question.” I said pretty sure I wasn’t going too far.




“That’s all you’ve got?”

“How much more do you want? There is no point using extra words when one doesn’t need to and that one word answers the question.” Téa replied with a smirk.

“This from the girl who answers everything in one word statements!”

“Well, is there something else you want to do while we are here?” Téa asked.

“Well, yeah, now that you ask, I wouldn’t mind going back a few hours and watching Janis’ full set at Woodstock. Failing that I wouldn’t mind going back and seeing The Who do their Tommy set, it should be starting soon.”

“So let me get this straight.” I figured this was going to be another Téa classic so I sat back and waited for it. “We’ve just spent the last few hours on the road hunting down an extremely important piece of the jigsaw puzzle that connects so many dots related to what we are doing. As well as that we’ve been chased by an old lady, and because ‘someone’ decided to have a little Nanna nap that old lady nearly caught up with us. And after all that when it’s time to go home you suddenly think we’ve got time to go off and bop around to some concert that you have on DVD.”

“Well I’m not sure I’d have explained it quite like that but I guess since you are the articulation expert I’ll go with your description.”

“Ok, so if we are going with my description the answer is still no. It’s time to go home!”

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  1. It seems to me, she’s more like an Aussie, and he’s more like the American.
    This one felt harsher. I think they’re spending too much time together.

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