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The Parcel: Running Into The Cops

“What are we going to do about him?” I asked as we approached the diner and I could see the police car sitting out the front of the garage.

Téa had already suggested we were just a couple of good natured citizens returning the vehicle we found and therefore the police wouldn’t have any issue with us but I was still struggling just a little bit with the fact that we had actually stolen the truck and taken it on a long drive for a couple of hours.

“Relax just park the truck where we got it from and get out of it as if you do this everyday.” Téa said in response to my concern.

As I pulled into the service station, or gas station, or whatever American’s call the garage place where people can put that liquid go go juice into their vehicle, or get said vehicle repaired if it’s not running right I knew it was too late to change plans and I hoped Téa’s plan was going to work.

“What if they ask for my license?” I said as I pulled the truck forward across the dinner then put it in reverse and backed it in to where we stole it from.

“WHAT!” Téa responded, “Haven’t you got a license! Oh my gawd! You fraud!”

Of course she knew what I meant she just had to keep playing that crazy yank role. We hadn’t that long ago discussed the fact that I hadn’t had a chance to bring my wallet with me before leaving home, because I didn’t know I was leaving home. Also that it wouldn’t have mattered because even if I did have it it would have had Aussie dollars from 2017 in it not American dollars from 1969. The same theory could be applied to the license. I had an international license but having an expiry date of 2020 on it would have raised the eyes of anyone in 1969, let alone a police officer about to question me for stealing a truck.

“You know what I mean goofball, but obviously we don’t have time to be serious now that you’ve wasted time being silly!” I said.

I could see the police walking towards us along with a man I assumed was owner of the truck we’d stolen. One saving grace being in La La Land, I mean America, where they drive on the wrong side of the car is that the approaching officers were coming towards Téa’s side of the car first. I had no doubt they would get to me but I was hoping Téa might head them off at the pass so to speak.

“Relax and act like you do this every day.” Téa said climbing out of the truck.

“You want me to act like I steal trucks every day? Seriously, I’m really starting to wonder what you do with your days!”

“I boost cars for the drug cartel now shut up and do as I do.” Téa said approaching the police.

Téa reached the police officers first, as I said she would and as I was coming around the front of the truck I could hear her telling the officer how we’d found the truck, with the keys in the ignition and the engine running. The officer didn’t get a word in as Téa continued and told the officer how we’d found a note in the truck asking for the next person who found the truck to return it to it’s rightful owner.

I don’t know what surprised me the most the fact that Téa so easily spoke to the police like she did about stealing a truck or the fact that the officers bought everything she said as if it was the god’s honest truth. My fears about them asking for a license didn’t eventuate, my fears that we’d be arrested for theft didn’t eventuate and instead the police thanked us for our service and told us we were free to go. But the biggest surprise came when they rewarded us for stealing a tow truck by telling us that we could go into the diner and get ourselves a meal and charge it to the police department.

I know I shouldn’t be complaining we’d gotten away with auto theft and we’d scored ourselves a free meal for doing it, but seriously was middle America 1969 as crazy as my time travelling counterpart? I think we all know the answer to that even if some of us are too nice to confirm it!

Once we’d let the police go, well it appeared like we were letting them go and not them letting us go, we headed off into the diner to grab something to eat. It wasn’t that long ago that we’d last been in the diner eating but for some reason I was again hungry and we did have a free meal offered to us.

We sat down in the same booth that we’d been sitting in before we went on Téa’s Magical Mystery tour and ordered ourselves a snack. The lady with the order pad recognised us and greeted us politely. Chips (although Téa called them fries because as I say she’s a bit cray cray), a cheeseburger and a coke was all I could manage.

Our snack went down easy and about half way through it the police officer we’d been speaking too outside came into the diner and spoke to the lady behind the counter. Whatever was said between the two I don’t know but in less than a minute the two of them looked over to us, waved and the police officer was heading out the door.

When the lady with the order pad came over and asked us if we wanted anything else we said no, to which she replied that the meal was free, as the police officer had said and then she disappeared back to the counter.

“So what are we going to do now?” I asked Téa as she downed the dregs of her coke from the glass.

“We go home!” she replied.

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  1. Dang, she is brilliant, and sneaky…. sounds like an Aussie I know! : ) I’m glad they didn’t get caught, now we have to see if they can get home?

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