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A Poem Of Wedded Bliss

After twenty years of wedded bliss
Creating memories not to miss
Our life was good, our life was great
Plenty to love, nothing to hate

We married young, just out of our teens
It wasn’t long until we were mixing genes
Kids were born and kids were raised
There was days and days that should be praised

Now we are here and we’re in our forties
Over the hill with no more night time naughties
She’s worn out and broken down
Sleep’s the only thing that happens in that night gown

Then something she said took me by surprise
Words that had me looking to the skies
Twas over breakfast one fine day
That I did hear my dear wife say

“If I died and did leave in a tarry
Would you find a girl and remarry?”
“Well dear wife, life should be good
So being real honest I guess I would.”

She wasn’t surprised at such a thought
I was a catch that would be sought
But apparently her mind had not been sated
Because more questions she did have slated

“If you remarried, if you took another spouse
Would you let her live in this here house?”
“A comfy house, don’t want to be rejected
Living together I think would be expected”

Another silent moment as she had a think
In that time she did nary a blink
More questions definitely were coming my way
I had no chance I couldn’t keep them at bay

“If you remarried, found the right girl to wed
Would you be letting her sleep in our marital bed?”
“A comfy bed and the sharing of covers
Would not be unexpected for two newly wed lovers”

Not the answer she wanted, I could see she was miffed
But what did she expect with such a life changing shift?
Just ‘cause she has gone could I not be happy?
Just ‘cause she is dead do I have to live my life sappy?

Another question then came in my direction
It came so fast there was no chance of deflection
“If you married again, even if she gave you good hugs
Would you consider letting her use my own golf clubs?”

I thought for a second and knew the answer I needed
Heartfelt words of love that could not be exceeded
Words that would place her overworked mind at ease
Words that couldn’t help but to please and appease

“My dear, there is nothing, to worry about
Your clubs wont get used, there is no doubt
She’d never take such things for granted
Simply because, she is left handed.”


  1. Lol …. ❤️. Lol …. you have the most creative mind. I loved this one.

  2. I’m still remembering this one.

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