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I Want To Sue!

“I wanna sue, that bloody hospital”
She said angrily expelling some spittle.
“I wanna report that bloody doctor.
He’s no better than a big lie concocter”

“Please settle down, Miss,” the lawyer said.
“There really is no point going off your head.
Sit down and tell me what they did do.
Tell me just why it is that you should sue.”

“Under anesthetic they did shave off my hair.
No not up here, they did it down there.
That’s right they did remove my fur pelt
Not from my head but from below my belt”

The lawyer looked over the provided papers
to figure out what was the woman’s capers.
He read with interest about her procedures
and whether a side effect was silly seizures

From what he could see, the doctor stuck to the rules,
there was even a list of medically used tools.
He was quickly convinced her case was not strong,
because it appeared that the doctor was not in the wrong

“Miss, there really is no reason for such cries,
an appendectomy requires them to shave near your thighs.
It’s part of the procedure, a job that needs doing,
So there really is no point in courts and in suing.”

“I don’t care. What they did was unfair,
because my working career, they did impair.
None of my clients will ever take me serious.
Once they hear what happened, they’ll be delirious”

“Miss, please, I’m sure things aren’t so bad.
They did what was required, no need to be sad.
They followed the rules, did what was outlined.
Permission you gave, on the line when you signed”

But it was not enough and she could not be sated,
and he agreed to the case so he’d not get frustrated.
“Okay Miss, we’ll sue the incompetent aid station,
just give me your name and current occupation”

“Candy’s my name, but I wont fall in disrepute
because the career I chose is a prost-i-tute.
That’s right my dear man, I’m a corporate escort.
Can you see now why I want to take them to court?”

“You are right my dear, let’s sue the pricks.
We’ll teach them a thing or two for playing such tricks.”
“What will you sue them for, what case will you use?
And how will you get their necks in the noose?”

“Don’t worry Miss, I’m sure we have a strong case.”
“So how will you bring them into disgrace?”
“We’ll sue and we’ll sue and we wont ever stop
For destroying the roof off your little workshop.”


  1. This is so funny, and the photo you chose is perfect!

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