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The Parcel: Heading To The Funny Farm

“So where are you taking me?” I asked Téa since we had sorted out all the important stuff like where we were, how the dial worked and how we were going to get home.

“Didn’t I tell you?” she replied.

“No you didn’t. I know you really meant to, but somewhere between telling me how I got here and how I get home you must have skipped over it.”

“That doesn’t sound like me, I’m usually pretty good with facts and data. Are you sure I didn’t tell you?”

“Yes dear, I am sure.”

“Ok then I’ll explain it again. Are all you Aussies a little be slow?”

“Only the ones that have to deal with you American’s!” I said with a grin figuring is she wanted to play the race car I’ll pull my own out of the pack.

Téa explained to me that we were headed towards a Hippy commune, that wasn’t quite the same name she called it but I don’t remember the exact words she used. Whatever she called it we were headed towards an off shoot of the band of gypsies her grandmother had been a part of. How she knew they were in the area I am not exactly sure but I assume it had something to do with her grandmother’s notes given that she also suggested the stop was only to pick something up and then we needed to get back on the road.

“What are you picking up? I asked.

“Wait and see,” was the reply I got.

“Surely we can’t take back souvenirs. Apart from the logistics taking stuff back could effect time lines and stuff couldn’t it?” I asked.

“Have you been watching Back To The Future again?” That grin on her face was getting to be a permanent fixture. “Besides I didn’t say anything about taking anything that would effect ‘your logistics’ home with me.” She actually took both hands off the steering wheel and mimicked air quotes to make her point.

“Hey it’s not just MY logistics look what happened when BIff got hold of the Sports Almanac!” I said jokingly.

“Dammit you have been watching Back To the Future haven’t you?” Téa said.

I didn’t give her the satisfaction of a response to that silly question instead I sat back and looked out the window figuring I’d find out whatever I needed to as I needed to.

I felt the truck slow down and heard the slow ticking of the indicator obviously we were turning off the road we were on but I dared not ask Téa the question given the number of silly responses I had already received.

Sure enough a second or two later Téa had slowed the stolen tow truck down to what felt like about thirty kilometres per hour. What that actually converts to in SnackaDoodle speed I’m not sure but it’s not that fast.

“We just turned left from the right hand lane. I guess since you think that is the wrong lane we actually turned right or something.” I heard from the driver’s seat which was on the wrong side of the vehicle.

We travelled down that dirt road in silence. Of course we had a lot to catch up on but with Téa’s reluctance to give me straight answer I was really wondering how I was suppose to have a conversation without wanting to bang my head on the dashboard.

HA HA I’m kidding, honestly I am. Téa is by no means that bad, sure we’d been having our fun and we’d been playing some great word games with each other but it was all in fun. Most of the banter and silliness was because she was trying to keep things light, I would have done the same thing in her position and she’d have no doubt been thinking the same thoughts I was.

It also must be said that while Téa was leading the silly comments quota for the day there had been some very sensible conversations it was just a bit of fun getting there that was all. I could try and convince you otherwise but at the end of the day all the conversations are in these here writings and if you’d been paying attention you’d know that.

We pulled up out the front of a farm, it was a large homestead with paddocks (I believe the imperial equivalent of such is called a field) all around. All but one of the paddocks were empty, the paddock that was empty had a bunch of multi-coloured buses and other vehicles that looked like they had seen better days. Obviously Téa’s grandmother’s party of hippy’s was a progressive bunch that had adapted to modern technology and whizbangery, especially with their modes of transport. If only they actually looked after them, but still they were pretty colours, a lot like what we saw at Woodstock a few hours earlier.

“Stay here for a few minutes will you?” Téa said as she turned the key in the ignition and turned the engine off.

“Umm. Ok. Why?” I asked.

“I need to do this alone. As far as I know my grandmother isn’t there but in case she is we need to minimise how many people in the place see us. If the old lady sees us we could be in trouble.”

”The old lady is miles away.” I reminded her.

“No not that old lady. Well yeah that old lady, but not at the age you saw her. This is one of the few places she wont go. The old lady I’m talking about is that same old lady but the old lady as she was in 1969.”

“Oh, okay. Has anyone ever told you how confusing you are?” I asked.

“Only you!” Téa said with a smile. “Look, I know this is kind of weird and too coincidental to even calculate the odds but I don’t know how often I’ll get to cross paths with this part of my grandmothers group. I’ll be back as soon as I can. I promise!”

“Ok.” I wasn’t sure I had any other choice to but I agreed anyway.

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  1. This chapter was so funny, I laughed out loud in the bathroom this morning, It’s a good thing I was alone. I would have had other women looking under the stall to see if there were more than one in there.
    Your writing is soo delightrful. I’m lovin this one! ❤️

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