I was going to be rich, I was going to be beyond rich, I was going to find whole bunch of ill gotten booty as I was going to be able to retire to the Gold Coast and live a life of luxury with all the old farts in their motorised wheel chairs.

For those of you that don’t know the Gold Coast, or Goldie, of GC, we abbreviate it so the oldies don’t have to say as many words, is kind of like Florida, or the way Hollywood portrays Florida, the place were all old people retire because of the sunshine and laid back attitude. And I was going to be rich enough to go there very soon.

Was I getting ahead of myself? Probably, especially given the fact that me retiring to an over populated tourist attraction seems as unlikely as Nick doing a nudie run down the main drag of Halls. Another reason I was probably thinking ahead of myself was because I hadn’t found any booty. I did tell you about the booty didn’t I?

Oh ok, well after I pulled Nick out of the sink hole, and promised him I wouldn’t campaign for Murphey’s Track to be renamed Nick’s Track he told me the reason he was out there bouncing around the bush by himself.

The police in Darwin had a suspect in custody, he’d done some pretty gross things which I wont go into but, he was trying for a plea deal. Apparently, according to Nick, it happened quite often, idiot crims watch too much TV and see a suspect offer up some information for lenience when it comes to being charged and think they can do it in real life. The current criminal had told Nick’s Darwin counterparts that he knew of the existence of a large haul of cash and gold stolen from a bank in Perth ten years earlier. The information had too many elements that closely related to the real crime for the police to ignore and Nick was sent out to the location to prove or disprove the criminal’s story.

“They really think the guy is just feeding them a line to get off his other charges.” Nick said to me as we looked at large map.

“But they have to check?” I asked knowing the answer.

“Yeah they can’t ignore it. Apparently the guy knows just enough about the original crime to give out some facts that weren’t made public but his information about the loot is a bit vague.”

Looking at the circle drawn on Nick’s map I could see vague was a bit of an understatement, it was a huge area. “That’s a hell of an area they expect you to search.” I said.

“Yeah, that’s one of the reasons that Darwin is thinking he’s feeding them a line. Too many crims think that we wont go out and check their stories so they throw up some buried treasure in the outback bullshit hoping they’ll get a pat on the back for being so helpful.”

“So how do they expect you to find this ten year old booty in such a wide area by yourself?” I asked.

“Well the guy gave several locators, including these burnt trees, which indicates he either knows the area or knows someone who does. The problem is the other locators he’s mentioned are here,” he pointed his pen to one small red circle on the map, “here,” another red circle, “and here.”

All three points were within the larger circle he’d pointed out only a few seconds before.

“Still a bloody big area.” I said.

“Yeah.” Nick said with a bit of a sigh. “The guy claims that burial site is marked with a make shift cross and grave so it should be easy to see.”

“So he’s not giving up the actual site, just a few locations?”

“Yep. Like I say Darwin’s not confident the guy is telling the truth, but they’ve also told me the chances of his getting any leeway is pretty slim. Was unsaid but the inclination I got was that even if I found the royal jewels out here the guy was still going down.”

“Sounds reasonable to me given what you were saying about his current charge sheet.” I replied.

Nick was still looking at the map, I think the more we talked about it the more he was realising how fruitless his current job was. Had there been a sniff that what he was searching for was actually there, that there was a point to him being out there, maybe the his outlook would have been different but I could tell he wasn’t entirely happy.

“They know the guy wasn’t part of the crime, Perth cops actually think they know who knocked over the bank, but they just can’t prove it. So at best Darwin is thinking this guy knows someone who has loose lips, but we gotta check it out, it’s part of the job.”

“So how much effort are you going to put in?” I asked. I wasn’t suggesting Nick was looking for the quick and easy way out of a situation that he was sure was fruitless I was genuinely asking how much effort he needed to put in.

“Standard effort. I’ll go to each site give each area a search for a grave site or any real disturbances and take it from there. I’m not digging and searching below the surface for anything yet. Like I say neither Perth or Darwin think the story adds up so this is really just an inspection, if nothing obvious stands out then nothing will happen.”

“I’m guessing this is the first location you’ve searched?” My estimation was based on the time of day I received Nick’s call and the time difference between us and Darwin.

“Yeah, got the call early this morning but there was no rush so I figured I’d bury the truck just to give you an excuse to come out here and keep me company.”

We both laughed, “You do know you could have just picked me up at home and saved us having both vehicles out here. I’d have been happy to have you chauffeur me around.” I said with a smile.

“So are you in or not?” He asked already knowing that I was but probably confirming I was still happy to help given the area I now knew he was looking in.

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