Danny didn’t expect the comeback from Tracey that he got. He didn’t think he was being naive expecting himself to be in the driving seat of the conversation, he just didn’t give too many thoughts to the fact that Tracey would be able to turn things around so quickly.

Not that he’d run with any of his prior ideas but he’d spent half the day thinking about ways to start the conversation about Tracey’s disappearance. He’d thought about a hundred different ways to ask the same question, a hundred different ways to steer the subject and a hundred different was to sneak up on the final question.

But when the time finally came where he was able to raise the subject all that planning went out the window because he’d followed none of his plans. Worst of all the conversation which he’d gone through in his own mind on and off all day only lasted a few minutes before he’d lost control and Tracey had left him speechless.

He sat at the table on the patio of the beach side house that Tracey had rented for them, staring at the bottle of beer he’d just bought out from the fridge in the kitchen, frost was already forming on the dark coloured glass. He couldn’t figure out how the tables had turned as quick as they had when he was the one controlling the conversation but most of all he couldn’t figure out how Tracey has left him speechless.

Under most situations Danny knew when it was a good time to talk and when it was better he just shut his mouth and said nothing, but that didn’t mean he didn’t have words to say, he was rarely left completely speechless as Tracey had done. What was even worse than being left speechless was the fact that the longer he sat there with Tracey waiting for his reply the more he thought about having nothing to say. He wasn’t thinking of an answer to her question because the answer couldn’t reach his mind, his mind was too full of questions relating to how Tracey got control of the situation.

“So Danny? Have you got an answer for me?” Tracey asked, she wasn’t being forceful, in fact she was as calm and collected as Danny had ever seen her, but she was definitely looking for an answer he wasn’t finding.

The only way Danny could think to get control of the conversation and put it back on his terms was too answer the question with a question.

“How do you know I haven’t spoken to Sharkey?”

Tracey was taking the bait that Danny was dangling. “That’s not answering my question Danny.”

“Teams talk to one another Tracey, you know that. You’ve been around this sport long enough to know that. We might not discuss technical data but we talk. What makes you think I wouldn’t ask around for people who have seen you?” Danny asked.

“So you didn’t ask Sharkey if we were together?”

“I’m not fucking stupid Tracey.” Danny replied, the cuss word out before he realised it.

“Neither am I Danny, so why treat me like I am?”

The conversation definitely wasn’t going the way Danny wanted it too, he’d lost control and the few thing he’d said, Tracey had a come back for. Her come backs weren’t even defensive, they didn’t need to be she had control of the situation purely because Danny couldn’t figure out how to combat the words she did have.

“I know you’re not stupid Tracey, I wouldn’t have married you if you were.” Danny knew as soon as the words came out they were the wrong ones, at very least words that meant nothing in the current discussion.

“Oh yeah nice comeback Danny, is that suppose to make me feel better?”

Danny decided to try and turn the conversation around. “It’s not about making you feel better Tracey, it’s about you telling me where you were for three months.”

“I told you where I was and you didn’t believe me.” Grabbing his beer from the table Danny got up from his chair and walked towards the ocean. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going for a walk.”

“Oh great you start an argument, call me a liar and then when you’ve had enough you walk off on me. How nice of you Danny!”

Danny said nothing as he walked away.

When Danny arrived back at the house it was 9:15pm, he’d been gone for nearly two hours. The truth was he hadn’t gone far, he was only about a hundred metres down the beach sitting on a rock looking out at the darkening sea. He wasn’t afraid to go back to the house, he was afraid that if he went back they’d have another fight and that was the last thing he wanted to happen.

Tracey was inside on the lounge watching TV when he returned, as he walked in through the sliding door holding the empty beer bottle he’d carried with him she spoke first.

“I’m sorry Danny. I didn’t mean for it to get out of hand!” she said watching him walk through to the kitchen.

Danny stopped at the bin long enough to dispose of his empty bottle then went straight to the fridge for another one. He was glad Tracey had apologised, it wasn’t quite the apology he wanted but in his mind it meant that she knew she was in the wrong. Without offering Tracey a drink Danny grabbed his beer, opened it and dumped the lid in the bin then made his way to the chair on the opposite side of the the lounge room to Tracey.

“So, haven’t you got something you’d like to say to me Danny?” Tracey asked once he was sitting down.

“Yeah, where the hell have you been for three months.” Danny replied without taking his eyes off the TV and ignoring the fact that even in his own mind he didn’t want an argument.

Tracey wasn’t interested in rehashing the what had not two hours ago turned into and argument that saw Danny walk off. “We’re not playing this game again Danny.”

“Why? Because you haven’t got better lie thought out since your first one didn’t work?” Danny hadn’t raised his voice but the grumpiness was obvious.

“Oh yeah, you’re a great one to talk about lies!”

Danny didn’t really want to argue, but he also didn’t want Tracey to have the last word in a conversation that should be going his way. “I’m not the one with lies.”

“Ok then Danny, tell me why it is you think I’m lying?” Tracey said in a calm voice as she looked over at Danny to see his reaction.

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