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Chequered Flag: Going Home Early

Taking an early mark from work Danny arrived home just after 2:30pm, he’d messaged Tracey before leaving to tell her of his early arrival and that they could leave hopefully before the Friday afternoon peak hour traffic filled the freeways. Tracey promised him she’d be ready and didn’t break that promise, when he walked in the door even his bags were packed.

Tracey greeted him with a happy smile as he walked into the kitchen, he was kind of surprised, and a little bit relieved she didn’t bound up and expect a kiss. The more he’d thought about it over the morning the more he was hoping that a weekend away with Tracey was going to go some way to resolving whatever it was between them, he was prepared to put in the effort, he just hoped Tracey was too. However it didn’t matter how prepared he was a bounding greeting kiss as he walked in the door was not something he was ready for.

When he opened his bag it wasn’t because he didn’t trust Tracey to pack a bag for him, she knew how to do that as well as him, it was only because he wanted to add some technical manuals of rule changes and track specs for the race at Sands Towers the following weekend. Although Tracey didn’t say anything when he opened his bag he could see the look on her face was one of question until he she saw the manuals being pushed into it.

“Perhaps we aren’t ready for this?” Danny thought to himself.

Twenty minutes later the two of them were heading down the Chairman’s freeway, bags in the back of Danny’s dual cab and the radio on so they could get updated traffic reports. They’d beaten the majority of the peak hour traffic but many people had a similar idea to them and tried for an early mark. Traffic wasn’t quite bumper to bumper like it would be by 4pm but it was steady and Danny kept things at a comfortable pace without holding up other road users.

Once the traffic thinned out, about forty kilometres out of the suburbs, Danny considered trying to start the conversation he desperately wanted to have with Tracey. But despite being in a moving car and not able to escape he quickly decided it was not the time and place and instead invited Tracey to choose some music to put on instead of the radio.

Tracey chose some 1970’s hard rock in the form of Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, a favourite of Danny’s but not so much hers. Why she chose that particular music when she was more of a country music fan Danny wasn’t sure but he decided not to question it.

Two hours later, after a stop for an afternoon coffee, Danny and Tracey arrived at their Mason’s Point holiday house. It was a small three bedroom house right on the beach front, so close in fact that their ground floor patio opened straight out onto their own private beach while their second story balcony over looked the crashing waves of the ocean.

Used to living out of bags for a short time neither Danny or Tracey unpacked anything too much from their bags instead they were both more interested in relaxing, taking things easy and enjoying the peacefulness they’d paid to have.

“What do you want for dinner babe?” Tracey said as they both stood on the balcony looking out to sea.

“Take away and a few beers would be great.” Danny said hoping that dinner at a restaurant was not on Tracey’s list for the weekend.

Tracey agreed and in less than an hour the two of them were seated at the table on the patio with open bottles of drinks and eating Chinese food out of little plastic containers. It was a lovely calm evening and the only noises that interrupted their dinner was the sound of the crashing waves on the shore line.

Although there was some conversation it wasn’t the conversation Danny wanted and during each lull he found himself thinking, wondering, how he could bring up the topic he wanted to talk about without upsetting Tracey. His biggest issue was that to bring up her lie he had to reveal his secret and he was sure that secret would not be accepted easily given his stance on her secrets when she first returned.

By the time they had both cleaned out their plastic containers and were finishing their first drinks Danny still had no answers as to how to bring up the topic he wanted. It wasn’t until he was stepping back out onto the patio after taking their empty bottles and containers to the bin and getting fresh drinks that he decided there was no point hanging on to things any longer. If Tracey was going to react badly and spoil the entire weekend he may as well know then as opposed to live on the teetering edge waiting for the right time that may not arrive.

“I wonder if you’re ever going to trust me enough again to tell me the real reason you left me when you did.” Danny said as he sat down on the chair opposite Tracey.

“What?” The question was one of surprise more than offence as Danny first thought it might be. “We’ve been through this Danny. I told you why I was gone. Do we really have to rehash it all.”

Danny decided to go for broke. “Tracey I know the story about you and Sharkey seeing each other is not true.”

“What are you talking about? Of course it’s true?”

“Tracey, I know you weren’t with Sharkey. Shakey spent the off season in the States closing new deals with sponsors and engine builders.”

Somewhere in the few moments it had been since starting the conversation Danny had gone from desperately wanting Tracey to disclose the truth to his own lying to get that truth. He hadn’t spoken to Sharkey, he didn’t even know what Shakey spent his off season doing but it was a lie he was sure he could get away with because he already knew Tracey and Sharkey has spent no time together.

“You spoke to Sharkey?” Danny didn’t answer and Tracey took his silence as an affirmative answer. “How dare you go behind my back.” The comment was immediately defensive but her tone changed quickly. “What did you expect him to say anyway? He’s got a family, he wouldn’t want them to hear about this, of course he’s going to say nothing happened.”

Tracey was talking fast, a sign Danny knew was her trying to come up with a story her mind thought was believable after being put on the spot. He wasn’t sure if he should be worried that she was trying so hard to come up with a story about seeing someone else, even if they didn’t sleep together, but it did make him wonder how bad the real story was.

Tracey started again since Danny still wasn’t talking. “You haven’t spoken to Sharkey,” Tracey said trying to call Danny’s bluff with her own lie. “So what I want to know Daniel Holmes is, how it is you know what he was doing and why you think I am lying?”

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  1. Tracey’s deflecting … he shouldn’t fall for it. She needs to be honest with him, because he’s dreamy and perfect! Giggle ….

    • It’s been a while since I wrote this I don’t know what she is deflecting. Is he throwing rocks at her and they are bouncing off? (or would that be reflecting?) Now what sort of a perfect dreamboat would throw rocks at a defenceless woman. What and evil mongrel!!

      • Lol …. grr …. the writer should know what he bloody writes and posts. We cannot have an argument if you don’t even know what we’re arguing about.

        • The writer forgets the exact detail he wrote two or three weeks ago, he’s written lots of words since then. Don’t pick on the writer he might get payback 😛

          Ok I just reread it and know where I’m at. I still don’t think it’s nice that Mr Dreamboat is throwing rocks 😛

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