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The Parcel: Téa Talks In Circles

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Téa and I were headed off down some road in 1969 America. I had no idea where we were headed and even if I’d had my phone on me when I left home I wouldn’t have been able to access Google Maps for it to tell me where I was.

We’d fled the diner, and the old lady, long enough ago for Téa to tell me the story about how she got the dial and how the dial worked. But excuse me for being a little sceptical I still had questions and that is why I recited back to her the exact instructions she gave me.

“And that is how the dial manages to transport people to different times” I said to Téa as she drove.

“See, you down under people aren’t all slow!” Téa said being a smart arse and racist all in the one sentence.

“Says the American driving on the wrong side of the road!” I replied.

“Would you like me to drive on your side of the road?” Téa said swerving into the left hand lane.

I laughed. “So the old lady at Woodstock and then again at the diner, she’s the old lady you had to fight with for the dial before sending to me?”

“Well I wouldn’t call it fight. My gran told me the dial was mine when I found it, because it had been hers. She told me the old gypsy was one of those who they’d tried to banish from the camp and that if I held on to the dial until the old lady died there would be no one left to take the dial and use it the wrong way.”

“And you bought all this?” I asked.

“What’s not to believe? Look where you are and what we are doing.” Téa looked over at me taking her eyes off the road, but there was no traffic around so I didn’t feel unsafe despite her still driving on the wrong/right side of the road.

“Ok I guess you have a point!” I said thinking as I spoke. “But if you have the dial how is the old lady able to travel with it?”

“Well technically you have the dial and she is here chasing you, just like I am.”

“I don’t mind being chased by you, I might even stop and let you catch up but I’m not sure I want an old lady chasing me!” I joked.

“Yeah right, I’ve heard about you chasing the old women around the nursing homes. They had to give them supercharged wheelchairs to escape from you!” Téa laughed loudly at her own joke, as she slowed the tow truck, turned it left and kept driving.

“Ok so, I operated the dial, it did it’s magic and because you and the old lady are connected to it both of you travel with me?”

“Yep,” Téa replied.

“Why only the three of us? Why not everyone who has ever touched the dial? Why not those who have used it?” I asked

Téa explained the connection between us and the dial, the old lady and the dial and then went on to explain why the dial didn’t operate with everyone who had touched it. Her explanation was clear and concise and apparently the exact explanation she’d found written in her great grandmothers notes which she had memorised.

“Well what good is chasing us doing the old woman?” I asked. “It’s not like we have the dial with us so she can’t steal it and disappear. She can’t steal it and leave us here.” Such thoughts and questions were obviously leading me too, “How do we get home?” but I was trying to avoid that one in case the answer wasn’t something I wanted to hear.

“She thinks that if she catches us she can force us to take her back with us and reveal the location of the dial which she’ll be able to steal.”

“Ok so I understand why she wants it, in her mind she can use it to change her life, but how do we know she hasn’t told anyone else about it and that we aren’t playing ‘keepings off’ a dozen people?” I asked.

“Well for starters there is no one else chasing us. Secondly according to Gran’s notes the old lady has always been a loner, even while she was apart of their camp. Gran was fairly confident in her notes in suggesting the old lady wouldn’t have told anyone else preferring to keep the secret with as few people as possible.”

“I guess out of all the things I have seen so far today that’s one of the things that doesn’t make sense the least!” I replied still trying to make light hearted jokes rather than get too serious.

Okay so I had all the answers, Téa’s descriptions were very detailed and explained pretty much everything about the dial and how it worked, the old lady and why she was chasing us and why we had to keep ahead of her. It appeared the only questions I still needed answered for were, “How do we get home?”, and “Where are we headed?”. I decided to go with the second question first.

“So I assume there is a reason we are heading in this direction. With all these turns onto what appear to me as unnamed roads you must have a plan of some sort in your mind?” I didn’t know American that well but I knew Téa wasn’t from New York, where Woodstock was held, and for that reason couldn’t make up my mind if she knew where we were headed or if we were driving blindly.

“First and foremost it was to get away from the old bag, I mean old gypsy, put some distance between us. But I am really just following my nose.”

I wasn’t totally reassured by that answer but I did remember Téa saying that she’d read in the notes that as apart of her great grandmother’s travels she’d always just known where to go. It didn’t matter where she was or what she was doing directions just came to her. She described it as something like clearing your mind and just feeling what to do next and she said it worked for all decisions. Thinking about that again made me wonder if maybe I should remain silent and not talk to Téa in case I was filling her mind with thoughts that were getting crossed with the real thoughts she needed to have to get us home.

I quickly decided I needed one last question answered before I let Téa take control all the conversation.

“How do we get home?”


  1. I’m enjoying this adventure. My fav line …
    ““I don’t mind being chased by you, I might even stop and let you catch up but I’m not sure I want an old lady chasing me!” I joked.”

    This brought a giggle …

    If they go home, do they separate again? I am assuming he will still have the dial, so is he brave enough to use it again?

    This is an interesting story line … : )

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