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The Three Billy Goats Rough

bad poetry

Do you people believe everything you’ve read?
There’s a reason the devil’s depicted, with a goats head
All those fairy tales and you never called their bluff
And there is no one more guilty than those three billy goat’s gruff

Those three little liars will have you believe
Lush grass on the hill they wanted to retrieve
Oh they might say it’s because of the grass oh so green
But did the little stinkers have to be so obscene?

Yeah I bet you never heard how they twisted the truth
Even if they did they’d blame the innocence of youth
Those twisted damn goats must have been on drugs
Honestly they were nothing, no more than thugs

I had nothing ‘gainst them reaching their grassy knoll
Yet all they did was label me, an ugly old troll
Honestly those little goaties must be a bit looney
Because my friends say I look like George Clooney

Their whole claim to fame is that I wanted to eat them
But eating such tough meat, just gives me phlegm
Honestly these billy goats gruff are little more than kids
And eating such youngens would just cause the skids.

The first little billy goat, he wasn’t so bad
But it was pretty obvious he had a, deadbeat of a dad
He tried to convince me he was more than a ranker
But honestly the kid sounded like such a big wanker

The second billy goat was where the trouble did start
Because when I refused to come out, he let off a thunderous fart
I politely told him to be off up the trail
But he dropped his duds and crapped over the rail

But it was the big brother who was the biggest bean sprout
Because once on the bridge he tried to lure me out
Told me to come out and he’d give me some candy
Little did I know, under his trench coat, he was randy

That’s right, I’m supposed to be the one who’s ugly and smelly
But that big billy wanted me to touch the thing under his belly
I really don’t know what was his full intention
But he was standing there naked with a huge erection

I jumped off the bridge and hid in the cold water
Glad for daddy goat, that he did not have a daughter
It’s no wonder the billy goats don’t go out on dates
Two out of three of them are twisted deviates

Now you know why it’s called a fairy tale
Those deviate goats should be put in jail
If you are around them please be diligent
Because I tells ya this troll is inno-cent


  1. OMG! Troll trauma is not fun. :-))

  2. Hey! How are you? I haven’t been getting your email posts anymore and only found you here because of an old icon I clicked on. Is it intentional? If so, okay. If not what’s up?

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