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Chequered Flag: Danny Decides

Danny had to admit the invitation to spend the weekend alone with his wife had definitely come out of left field, he had not seen it coming at all. There was good chance Tracey had planned it that way, left it until the last possible minute so there was less chances of getting a negative answer, it’s exactly what he would have done in the hope of getting the same reaction.

The request put him in an awkward position firstly he had to give Tracey an answer before he left for work because failure to do so would do little more than upset her, secondly the answer really had to be a yes. Tracey knew Danny had no commitments for the weekend, even if Danny hadn’t confirmed it he suspected she already knew it, and to decline her invitation would simply give her ammunition to argue that he wasn’t really trying to fix their marriage. Saying no would also mean that their weekend at home would be less than pleasant as Tracey spent the weekend resenting him for his answer.

The biggest problem for Danny was he wanted to spend at least some of the weekend talking to Tracey, finding out the truth about her disappearance. Whereas Tracey’s idea for the weekend was for them to go away as a couple and work at getting closer to each other again, something Danny could only see happening if Tracey came clean.

While Danny stood in the bathroom brushing his teeth he knew his answer had to be yes, there was no other option for it unless something desperate came up at work, which was as unlikely as the weekend being spoiled by a snow storm. Putting his toothbrush back in the en-suite cabinet Danny decided on his answer.

He walked into the kitchen, Tracey was still sitting at the table with an annoyed look on her face. “I’m sorry. I just thought a weekend away would be nice for us, especially since it’s unlikely to happen again for a while.”

“Don’t be sorry.” Danny said politely thinking he actually meant it. “I just had a few things on my mind. I didn’t say no, I just didn’t answer and that was rude of me.”

“But you’re going to say no.” Tracey said, her annoyance had quickly turned to sadness.

“I never said that.”

“So you’re going to say yes?” her eyes brightened up and she nearly formed a smile.

“Yes, I’m going to say yes.”

Tracey almost instantly started to beam and smile with pleasure. “Oh baby, I’m so pleased, so grateful. Thank you!”

“Ok that’s enough. But if something comes up today for work it can’t be helped and we’ll have to cancel.”

“Yes Babe, I understand! I’ll book it for tonight and tomorrow night!” Tracey said getting more excited by the minute.

“Just as long as we can cancel if something comes up.” Danny replied as he grabbed his keys, wallet and mobile phone.

“Sure Babe!” Tracey said as she got up from the table and stepped towards Danny and gave him a kiss on the cheek, it would have been on the lips had Danny not turned his head.

“Hey buddy, hows things? I hear that stupid reporter got her own shit fed back to her yesterday,” Rick said to Danny stepped into Rick’s make shift office out in the workshop with two coffees in his hand.

Danny handed one coffee to Rick and sat down with the other one. “Yeah what a bitch. It’s one thing to go around threatening to sue people because your feelings get a little hurt but it takes a certain type of person to sue people based on actions in their own imagination.”

Danny and Rick spoke and sipped their coffee, most of the conversation revolved around work, the car and the new suspension system that Rick’s father was now promising the company would have ready for them to use before the fifth round. It wasn’t until the topic of the weekend, which was bought up by Rick, arose that Danny suddenly wanted to remain silent.

“What’s up mate?” Rick asked.

“Tracey’s booking us a weekend down at Mason’s Point.” Danny replied.

“For this weekend?”


“That’s a bit soon isn’t it?”

“I dunno!”

“Well you could make up some work excuse for not going couldn’t you?” Rick asked.

“I’ve told her something could come up but she knows that’s unlikely, but then there’s….” Danny trailed off into silence without finishing his sentence.

“Then there is what?” Rick asked as he placed his empty coffee cup on the table that multi-tasked as his desk but Danny remained silent. “It’s ok mate, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

Danny looked up, “You know that’s not the case mate.” Rick nodded. “It’s just that I really do want to go down to Mason’s Point with her. I want to give her the chance to talk to me and I really don’t think that’s going to happen at home.”

“But you’re also not convinced it’s going to happen away from home?”

“Yeah. If she thinks the weekend away is some kind of rekindling where is the incentive for her to tell me what I want to know? In her mind we must have already sorted that out.”

“But you already know the truth.”

Rick was of course talking about knowing what it was Danny had shared with him, the fact that he’d hired a Private Eye, not the part that Danny was still keeping a secret from everyone.

“Yeah,” Danny agreed so as not to admit the lie. “But I want the truth from her. Is that too much to ask?”

“Mate,” Rick said the word purely as a stop gap to waste a few seconds for his brain to catch up and offer the right words, or at least the words that Danny wasn’t going to be to upset by. “I don’t think it’s too much to ask, but it’s not me that you have to convince.”

“Yeah, aint that the truth!”

“So what are you going to do?”

“I dunno, I really want to work out what’s going on. I even think I want to make this work, but I’m not going to do it all by myself.”

“So you don’t want me to ring up when you get home tonight and make up some excuse that means you have to stay here all weekend?” Rick asked.

“Nah I do want to go. Besides, Tracey probably knows your schedule too and she’s know it’s a bullshit story!”

Both men laughed, it didn’t make Danny feel any better about his weekend ahead but he knew he was going to at least try and make it work.

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  1. I’m not trying to tell you what to write, but I am hoping they don’t get back together. You just haven’t written Tracey to make me like her. I don’t. I like him, so I want good love for him. He needs someone fabulous, genuine, caring. : )

    • And how do you know she isn’t that person?

      Freddie Kruger was really a nice person just misunderstood. Cujo was a quiet and innocent dog just misunderstood. What if both Danny and Tracey are misunderstood because their true faces have not been revealed?

      • I understand what you’re saying, but it is how you write them, and how I feel (as the reader) about the characters. I just like him, and I don’t care for her. I have read some of your amazing women characters, and she just isn’t. He is dreamy. I hate when really good men end up with icky women. Yucky!

        • Maybe there is a lesson here about judging a book by a cover. I could easily turn the guy into a serial killer. I could turn her into a princess and suddenly the roles would be reversed.

          It’s human nature to make impressions about others but to be too set in ones ways to change those impressions can cause problems.

          How about this for a scenario: You have two friends who tell you that the guy at the bar who is checking you out is not worth it. He’s not good looking enough, he’s not not your type, etc etc. Then one of them throws a “I heard this about him” and the other one counteracts with “and so and so said he did this”. You decide the person is not worth the time of day and give up.

          Then 12 month later you find out the same guy is actually a prince and heir to the family throne and your friends had no idea who he was they just didn’t want to see you with the person.

          Do you question your life long friends attitudes and actions longer than you question how nice it would have been to have a drink with the prince?

          I don’t write Princess Bride stories but not keeping an open mind about characters and their ability to be hiding things can leave people disappointed.

          • I get what you’re saying, and maybe I’m more sensitive than most, but I get a sense about people; you know this as a writer, because you do it all the time. You’re creating these characters, and as a reader, and I am developing my opinion about these two.

            • I’m fine with developing an opinion my question is whether there is anything at all in this world that could change that opinion. I get the inclination that your mind can’t be changed.

              • I think it’s about her character, not her circumstances.

                • Yes but that doesn’t say whether the mind can or can’t be changed.

                    • Hmmmm is not much of an answer.

                      I’m not trying to suggest I will change your mind, or that I am trying to change your mind, or even that your thoughts are wrong. All I asked was whether your mind may be open or closed when it came to a particular character.

                      From what I read in your comments from day one you seem to be suggesting your mind couldn’t be changed about Tracey and that Danny deserved so much better. I accept that, I kind of wrote it that way and I have done nothing to change either character. But how much of that opinion is formed because of her and how much is formed because Danny appears to deserve better.

                      The analogy of turning Danny into a mass murderer is as silly as the Prince at the pub story (although that simple idea did come true for one Aussie girl) but from where I sit it appears that even if I did make Danny a mass murderer he’d be thought of as some kind of modern day Robin Hood rather than a criminal. Where as if I made Tracey a mass murderer no one would be surprised.

                      The story is not about changing your mind it’s whether or not your mind was open to be changed in the first place.

                    • First, you need to know I am not a love to hate person. If I don’t like the story I don’t read it. I may not even finish it.
                      Second, I look at the heart (character) not the actions.
                      Example… I recently started following a new blog that I find interesting. The man writes too much from his head, with views I don’t agree with. It is still interesting because I have had tiny glimpses of his heart, which appears good, but I’m not sure. Either I will get bored with only the intellectual side and unfollow, or I will discover an individual worth getting to know. If I thought he was an ax murderer, I would be running far, far away. I’m still discovering, but my initial opinion is forming. It could turn. My two cents.

                    • Gee that response took a long time 😛

                      Don’t think anything more about this story and my comments than they deserve. I might be questioning your thoughts and ideas to see where they lay but I’m definitely not trying to change them.

                      I have no idea where this story is going and never did have a plot or plan for it, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a goal when it came to the writing. I don’t plan to tell anyone what that goal is in case it doesn’t work but I will ask questions about why you think the way you do if you take the time to comment. Doesn’t mean I’m trying to prove you wrong it means I’m trying to figure out your perspective and how you view things.

                      You are one of the few people who use wordpress that actually takes the time to comment and express something either positive or negative (both are very important to me) and that makes you more important than anyone else.

                      To me this story really is no different to others stories I write and we share comments on but for some reason this story just seems to create a controversy. Must admit that controversy is part of the reason I keep writing it.

                      And I don’t want your two cents I only take large denomination notes or comments, your choice!

  2. You are so funny! I like you!
    I am enjoying this story, and I am worried you’re going to turn it, and I want the fairytale happy ending.
    Okay … I’m finished in the dunny and need to get back to work. You’re going to have wait until tonight for more large denomination comments. : )

    • Now someone ruder than me might make reference to where comments are posted and how stinky they are but I’m not that sort of person 😛

      I don’t have endings to stories so there can’t be a fairy tale at the end 😛
      But you shouldn’t be worried that I’m going to turn a story you should be wondering whether I can turn a story and keep you interested.

      Each one of my stories (I think) has a big hook change coming up. One I admit was a bit of an accident but the others were a calculated change over time to see how the character/story could develop. Some efforts may work, some may fail but because the stories aren’t traditional start, middle and end stories they need ups, downs and side steps. Kind of like a long running serial on TV.

      Given the way I’m writing these writing a happy ever after to me is taking the easy option. That doesn’t mean characters can’t be happy along the way but it dose mean they might not be happy some of the way.

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