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Chequered Flag: Weekend Plans

It wasn’t often during the racing season that Danny found himself with a weekend off. They didn’t race every weekend but there was often media commitments or sponsorship events, even alternative racing events like the Comp trucks he’d practised for in earlier in the week that would see him away from home while most people were enjoying some relaxing family time.

For the most part that lifestyle didn’t bother Danny, by the end of the season he’d be tired and looking for every chance he could for a day off but at the start of the season the excitement level and hope for a good year was still high.

However as Friday morning rose and Danny laid in bed waiting for the alarm to start ringing it dawned him that his coming weekend was completely void of any of those things. There was no racing events, no publicity events, there wasn’t even a practice session in any of the alternate series. The best he could hope for that was racing related was a run around the local go-kart track with someone like Rick, but even that wasn’t likely.

The fact was his uneasiness about the empty weekend had more to do with the prospect that he was going to have no excuses to be away from home. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to spent the weekend relaxing at home and he was getting more comfortable around Tracey, even without her story being told, however he knew that the more time he spent with her the more he would want to push her to talk.

It was her reaction to his requests that she talk which had him the most worried. Truth was they’d been getting along quite well the last few days while there was no talk about Tracey’s disappearance and Danny was enjoying that. He knew they’d have to talk eventually, they owed it to each other. He knew at least one of them would get upset when the talk happened, it was the nature of the beast with such discussions. But he also knew it had to happen and two days was a lot of time to spend with someone with that cloud hanging overhead and not letting it rain down.

He had meant to turn his alarm off seconds before it rang so as not to wake Tracey, it was something he’d always done on the days he woke early, but too much thinking had led him to nodding back off to sleep and if it wasn’t for that alarm he’d have slept in.

When he came out of the shower Tracey was not in bed and he could smell eggs and bacon cooking in the kitchen. Despite her ability to ignore the elephant in the room, the one that had ‘secret’ written all over it, she really was pulling out all stops to impress Danny, to remind him of all the things she could do for him. Cooking breakfast while he was on the shower was just one of those things.

When Danny walked out into the kitchen he was greeted by Tracey standing in the kitchen wearing a two piece silk pyjama outfit which Danny had bought her for their last anniversary. The red silk cammie, which hugged her body tightly showing of her chest, and the matching short pants were obviously not the most sensible thing for someone to wear in the kitchen but given the warmish summer morning not the silliest thing to be wearing in bed.

Even with things not being perfect between the two of them Danny had to admit to himself that his wife still looked great, her figure may not have been that of a supermodel but there also wasn’t a super model in the world he’d trade her for. As strange as cooking in such an outfit appeared to be Danny wished he could have voiced how pleased he was to see Tracey dressed in her anniversary present, but saying such things just felt wrong.

“Have you got any plans for the weekend?” Tracey asked as she plated up breakfast for the both of them.

“Huh?” Danny said absently as he was caught staring at her. “Umm, why do you ask?”

“I was just making conversation. Being nice.” Tracey replied without changing tone.

“Oh yeah, sorry, I didn’t mean anything by that my mind was just somewhere else.” Danny hoped Tracey didn’t make a smart comment about him eyeing her off which was where his mind was. She didn’t.

“Well you aren’t racing until Sands next weekend,” she obviously knew Danny’s racing schedule, “so I wondered if you have anything else on this weekend.”

As the plates of breakfast were placed on the table Danny answered his wife truthfully. “I haven’t got anything at all on this weekend. The only chance I have of doing anything racing related is if Rick wanted to go down to the go-kart track. But I doubt that’s happening, pretty sure Rick’s working with his dad.”

“No media stuff on? Probably had enough of the media already this week have you?”

“Nup, haven’t even got Dave bugging me to do something for one of his charities. Well if I have he hasn’t spoken about it so he might be surprised if there is something and I don’t show up.”

A silence fell over the room for a few moments as they both ate their breakfast and it wasn’t until Danny was finished his second fried egg that he asked his next question.

“Why do you ask?”

“Huh? What?” Tracey mumbled through a mouthful of food.

“Why were you asking about the weekend? Have you got plans?” Danny asked.

“No, nothing at all. I’ve organised nothing.”

“Fair enough.” Danny replied thinking that was the end of that conversation, however the several minutes of silence that followed while they both ate was too much for Tracey, she had something to say and she just had to say it.

“That’s not true, I have organised something.” Danny looked on in silence wondering what, if anything, was coming without him prompting it. He didn’t have to wait long before Tracey added to her statement. “I’ve book a holiday house down at Mason’s Point, I was hoping the two of us could spend the weekend there.”

Mason’s Point was a small beach side town about an hour and a half from where they lived, not too far to go for a weekend trip and definitely somewhere Danny could forget about work for a little while, but was he really ready for a weekend away with his wife?

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