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The Girl Doth Lie

bad poetry

Ok it’s time that someone told the truth
Some rotten sod has been misleading the youth
You see we three bears were hard done by
Because that little blonde kid was a damn spy

Oh sure you’ve heard the story she wants to tell
Little Miss Innocent you’d think her shit don’t smell
She stalked the bush and waited for us to roam
Then the little shit broke into our home

What she did next was just uncalled for
Cause that bloody kid smashed down the door
Tore the bugger off all of it’s hinges
And apparently we are the bloody whingers

Once inside she tore up the place
All gung ho and no bloody grace
Wrecking things seemed to be her want
The terrorist kid did it just to taunt

Porridge was hot and it had to cool
How could the kid be so bloody cruel
She threw our oats all over the kitchen
Yet people think it’s just us bears doin’ the bitchin’

What she did next was just unfair
Into the lounge to break up the chair.
No longer can we sit and watch the time pass
No where comfy no to rest my bear arse.

As if that’s not enough, the kid was out of her head
Because then she went in the bedroom and jumped on the bed
Bounced and bounced and shattered them to pieces
Then sat on the mattress and left us her faeces

Now I’m not one to make no false accusations
We are sweet bears we don’t hold secrets of nations
But Goldy the spy ransacked our house
Then everything in petrol she did douse.

We caught her before she ignited the match
So her shoulder and arm I of course did detach
Now if she wont put this fairytale to bed
I’ll prove we are innocent and rip of her head.


  1. Interesting take on an oldie bug goldie (see what I did there lol).

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