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Desert Rescue: How to Handle Mega-stardom

So there I was sitting in my own kitchen cum dinning room with a big warm gushy feeling in my heart after Nick showed me a video of myself rescuing the Anders family from the Elvire River and offered me a congratulatory message as warm as the outside temperature, which was quite warm.

“You know what this means don’t you?” Nick asked as he put his phone back into the breast pocket of his police issue shirt.

“That I am a megastar and my name alone is going to put this little tinpot town on the world stage? Awe thanks Nick, but I don’t think of myself like that.”

“Good to see your ego hasn’t been inflated at all!”

“Awe Nick, don’t be like that,” I playfully patted him on the arm. “I’ll still remember you when I’m touring the world being interviewed by…” well to be honest I had no idea who the famous get interviewed by, it’s not like TV plays much of an important role in my life.

“Interview by who?” Nick laughed knowing full well why I stopped talking. “You’re going to be a great megastar.”

“Hey!” I said being serious…or seriously silly. “I don’t need to know their names, I’ll be a megastar and I’ll pay a lacky to know all that detail!”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yes Columbo, that is how mega stardom works, don’t you know this? Seriously I was considering hiring you to be my lacky, but if you can’t grip the fundamentals of my new new mega status I think you better stay in the outback!”

Nick smile at me and in a silly Forest Gump voice (did I tell he was good at doing silly impersonations, he does a great one of a Western Australia cop!) said. “Awe darn Missy, I guess I just be headin’ back to me hovel in town where I belong!”

“You don’t have to leave, I told you I wouldn’t forget the little people.”

Almost as if trying to prove a point, which I knew he wasn’t, Nick stood up. All six foot four of him towered over me sitting in my chair. “I can’t sit around here all day taking up time you could be spending with your fans!”

I got up from my chair and thanked Nick for coming around to show me the video as we both walked towards the door. As soon as we stepped out of the shade of the house I could feel the heat of the sun as it instantly began trying to cook us. It wasn’t a record breaker or anything but it was pushing up towards forty degrees.

“You do know Barry is going to have this video on constant rotation until you show up in town and he can make a comment or two, don’t you?” Nick said as he turned the engine of the police four wheel drive over.

“Yeah it’s hard being popular, but I’m sure he’ll do it with his usual decorum and finesse.”

“Oh yeah, decorum and finesse, two words that describe Barry so well!”Nick added with a smile.

“I just hope he gives the Anders some respect and doesn’t try and find a way to point out the obvious flaws in the video. I can handle being embarrassed but those kids don’t need to think their father was the reason they got stuck, he learnt his lesson.”

“The video has comments turned off.”

“Yeah but being kids it’s probably on Facebook, or twitter or something, and if it is you know Barry will find it.”

“Don’t worry I’m sure Barry will behave, it’s only you he’d want to embarrass!” Nick replied with a smile.

“Well in that case he can bring it on, it wont be long before he does something silly for us to laugh at!”

We spoke for a few I minutes more over the idling engine before Nick bade me a final farewell and headed off down the driveway leaving a small puff of dust trailing his tyres.

With Nick gone and the place once again to myself I walked back inside and picked up my own phone. I called up the video again and watched it from start to finish. As I told you it was an easy rescue and to me it looked like that but that didn’t mean everyone would view it the same way and let’s face it there is thousands of deadset stupid four wheel drive recovery videos on the internet what I did may have been easy but it was also text book. Barring the unlocked hubs Anders did not do anything silly either if the social justice warriors of the internet had anything to complain about they’d probably be bitching about how a different brand of four wheel drive would have handled things oh so much better.

Seconds after I found myself wondering how Nick and Barry got hold of the video I remembered that Barry often collected business cards and other such information from travellers to stick on a wall to show the numbers of people who’d travelled through Halls over the years. If you look hard enough there is a piece of paper with my name on it somewhere there but it’s only a name and I think it’s been covered by other peoples cards by now. Every now and again the cards have details like Youtube and Facebook address, I guessed the Anders must have left something similar at the pub and maybe Barry was sticking it up on the wall or something.

Ratting through the paperwork I’d left on the table I eventually found the paperwork for the Larsen rescue, sure enough on the sheet was a business card sized piece of card Anders had given me. On that card was phone numbers, both local and home in Norway and their Facebook details.

I logged onto Facebook (yes even I have an account despite it not being used often) and checked out the Larsen’s page. It was full of photos and posts about their journey, they might have only been on the road a few weeks but they were definitely making use of social media where ever they could. There was four videos and about eight posts since the video containing me was posted, it looked like they’d been having a great time.

I tried to leave them a message thanking them for posting the video but they only allowed ‘friends’ to comment so instead I sent them a message with the same details, thanking them for positing and not making me look like an idiot.

A few minutes later while I was still checking email, I got a ‘friends’ request and a thank you message from the Larsen family for not getting angry about the post. As it turns out the kids thought the rescue was so exciting they just wanted to show everyone at home how great this person Dean and her Beast were. To say I was chuffed was an understatement.

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  1. Yea! I loved this as a follow up chapter. Your dialogue is so fun to read. She is such a cool hero, I want to be her! I like that she got on and communicated with the family. Well played my Aussie mate! : )

    • See this would not have happened had it not been for you, so you should be congratulating yourself as well. The whole idea of being filmed didn’t sit right in my head but you badgered me and badgered me…well you asked once so I had to work at it until I found a solution.

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