When the video from the conference room stopped playing on Dave’s computer screen a silence fell over the office. Obviously neither Helen Holsworth or her lawyer Barbara O’Dwyer had known there was CCTV cameras installed in the conference room and were therefore seeing the footage of exactly what happened during the interview for the first time.

Danny really wanted to be the first person to say something but he knew his tone would be matter of factly and probably still a bit angry. Instead he let Dave take the reigns given that he was the team manager and therefore used to dealing with people on a diplomatic floor, even if he didn’t always do it with his own staff.

“Is there something you’d like to be saying to Mr. Holmes, Miss Holsworth?” Dave asked.

“Yes! Where the hell did you get that from?” Helen growled.

“No. Sorry, they weren’t the words I was thinking of.” Dave said before adding. “The ones I was looking for started with something like ‘I apologise’.”

“You filmed that without my authorisation, it means nothing.”

“Miss Holsworth there is stickers at every entry point into this building that say we have and use CCTV and that people entering may be filmed.” Dave said.

“That still does not give you authorisation to film me.” Helen pleaded.

“You may confirm with your legal representative Miss Holsworth, but I’m sure even she will tell you that we do not need to seek your authorisation. I think she will further tell you that you agree to being filmed by entering the building past those signs.”

“I didn’t see them.” Helen said without looking at her lawyer.

“Again I’m sure Miss O’Dwyer will tell you, not seeing the signs is no defence.” Dave said.

“He is correct Helen,” Barbara spoke for the first time since seeing the footage.

“Well surely they can’t broadcast such footage and use it against me.” Helen said addressing her lawyer only.

Dave decided it was time to end the conversation, not only did he had work to do but he was getting sick of the situation.

“We haven’t ‘broadcast’ the footage Miss Holsworth.” Dave used air quotes to highlight the word broadcast. “You are the only two people outside this company that have seen it. As for using it against you I’m sure Miss O’Dwyer will tell you that in a court of law we will be able to use such footage in Danny’s defence against your claims to prove him innocent.”

Both Helen and Barbara knew the situation and knew any case Helen had against Danny was suddenly taking a turn, but only Helen was still fighting her case.

“This proves nothing. It cuts off too early. What about the bit where he re-enters the room and the abuse starts?” Helen said defending herself.

“She has a point Mr. Danielson, this proves nothing without the rest of the footage.” Barbara said, the smile on her face coming back as she thought there was something else for them to grasp onto.

Danny was shocked at the statement, he knew he hadn’t re-entered the room, he’d even got Brad to add an extra five minutes of footage to the video file to show he hadn’t re-entered and started anything. He’d remained silent up to that point, letting Dave do the talking, but he was very close to reaching forward and starting the video again to prove his point when Dave again took the conversation.

“Are you sure this is the path you want to follow Miss Holsworth?” Dave asked.

“What are talking about. I’m not going anywhere. I came here for a simple apology and interview which I’m still yet to receive. If you can’t manage such a simple thing we will see you in court.” Helen turned to Barbara. “Wont we Barb?”

“Okay Miss Holsworth, perhaps there has been a bit of a misunderstanding.” Dave said. “Are you now saying that Danny came back into the room after what we see here and that is when the abuse happened?”

“Yes! That’s exactly what I’m saying.” Helen said defiantly.

“Well my apologies to you Miss Holsworth, I was under the impression we were only interested in the time up to when Danny left the room.” Dave said.

Danny knew Dave was setting Helen up but he wasn’t exactly sure what the plan was so he stood there holding a straight face as best he could.

“Well now that you know the situation maybe we can get on with this.” Helen said.

Like Danny, Barbara had also chosen to remain silent while Helen and Dave sent comment after comment backwards and forwards. Danny wasn’t sure if Barbara was beginning to suspect there was more to the story or if she was just used to dealing with over bearing tabloid journalists.

“Certainly Miss Holsworth, however there is just one thing I don’t understand. Perhaps you can clear it up?” Dave asked.


“How long after Danny left the room did he re-enter and start the alleged abuse?”

“Alleged?” Helen didn’t wait for a response before continuing her comment. “I guess it was five minutes, maybe as much as ten, but no more. He came in while we were packing up the gear.”

“So there is another witness?” Dave asked.

“No, unfortunately. Mickey was out at the truck at the time. That’s why he chose that moment to do it I’m sure!” Helen said.

“Ok, so your sure it was between five and ten minutes?” Helen nodded and was about to say something but Dave didn’t let her talk. “Well then perhaps you can explain why this video, the video you just saw, runs for a further six minutes and thirteen seconds and Danny is not seen re-entering the room?” Again Helen went to speak but Danny stopped her. “Please don’t interrupt, this has gone on long enough and I have better things to do with my day.” Helen shut up and Dave continued. “Not only is he not seen re-entering the conference room but the outside security footage, which I got from our security company, so you can’t claim it’s been tampered with, shows Danny walking out of the building and across the road to the take away shop exactly four minutes and fifty nine seconds after leaving the conference room.”

Helen didn’t even wait a second before she replied. “It’s obviously doctored footage.”

It was at that point Barbara stopped her client, stood up, apologised for wasting Dave and Danny’s time and escorted Helen out of the room. Helen was still protesting as Barbara pushed her out the door but Barbara could be heard telling her to settle down and stop lying before she made thing worse.

“Perhaps I should sue her for an apology!” Danny said happily when the two women were down the hallway.

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