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A Tale Of Woe

You told me to go write a story
But I wasn’t allowed to make it gory
So I wrote it about a couple so adoring
And it ended up being so bloody boring
Boring as bat shit, there might have been trust
But all they did was sit and collect dust

So then I went and wrote about my wife
But all that did was get me in strife
Because I to mentioned her dulcet tones
An insult was heard she ripped the skin right off my bones
Apologising profusely, I’d never say that about my spouse
But I’m still living in the dog house

So I pulled up a blanket, fluffed up the pillow
And lay here thinking of my new peccadillo
Got no power and the candles are waxy
And with no door the wind blows up my jaxxy
In such close quarters I feel like a drover
In the dog house snuggling with Rover

It’s not so bad, could be cleaned up a smidge
With a bit more space I could move in the fridge
With a bit of work I could add on an extension
A multi-room dog house, a hell of an invention
With Rover and me it would not be a slouch
I’ll bring in the TV and the comfortable couch

For paying a compliment I have been abandoned
But this could be the best thing that has ever happened
The new house is cosy, the new house has charm
I’ve been driven crazy and I really meant no harm
But good ol’ Rover me boy, you wont give me no flack
So move over boy you’ve got fleas but you don’t answer back


  1. Oh sweet, Mate, I hope this is fictional poetry, because that poem about your wife was beautiful. It showed your heart is a loving way.
    This poem was hilarious! You write such creative pieces. They are delightful! I hope you’re having a fun day!

  2. I love noodles! Noodles and writing? How’s the book coming? Is it flowing better now?

  3. I will never get sick of your poetry. They either make me laugh or swoon. Of course, awesome race car driver Danny. He’s been missing lately, so hopefully he’ll be back soon.
    Noodles with cheese?

  4. Yawning ….
    Yawning again..
    Fading fast ….

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