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I need to try harder

bad poetry

Stanley was a light house keeper
He stared out to the ocean everyday
All he wished was that he could play
With Betsy girl the chimney sweeper

But a lighthouse with an ash full chimney
Is something that would bring on laughter
Today, tomorrow and forever after
And smoke may make the light look dimly

A beacon covered with a smokey haze
Could hide the rocks from the ships
Then someone would get the shits
Cause crashing ships just aint a craze

Poor old Stanley lived his life alone
In a tower without a fireplace
He froze his nuts, he froze his face
Without a chimney made of stone.

He knew with Betsy she’d always be a stranger
And all he wanted from life was to be a dad
But it didn’t matter and he wasn’t sad
Cause he just met Fancy Nancy the lightbulb changer.


  1. Interesting

  2. you’ve tried hard enough 🙂 this is excellent poetry!

  3. Snicker, it would appear Mr. Lighthouse Keeper is not so particular. Or, Ms. Lightbulb was brighter? Either way, he’d best keep his …. himself warm! Of course, I would consider the new girl a better fit.
    A delightful distraction to a long work morning. Thank you! : )

    • Maybe once you spend your life in a light house you can’t afford to be particular 🙂

      Was she brighter…that’s nearly a dad joke 😛 Actually come to think of it the next line is too 😛

      Glad you liked it 🙂

  4. Did you always want to be a dad?

  5. I have no doubt if they are your children they will definitely have a mind of their own. Good for them! : )

    • Iron Maiden is a new thing. Miss 9 has been listening to heavy metal and other music for years but Miss 5 not so much. But every day going to school this week they have requested Iron Maiden because I’m slowly brain washing them. If you were here I’d do the same to you too!!

      • Doubtful, I don’t brainwash easily. Oh, you just wait until Miss 9 decides she wants to learn to play the drums! Payback is heck!

        • Ahhh but I already have you under my control, you are just too ‘women power’ to realise it 😛

          I know how to say no to my kids, just like my parents said no to me!! Besides her cousins have an electric kit and guitars and she’s only interested in the guitar. Miss 5 is a killer on the electric kit though.

  6. It would make sense they would develop your love of music. Good for you, and them. I love music, so do my sons. It’s good for the soul.
    If you think I’m under your control, your full of s… skeletal parts.

    • It’s that taste in music that is questionable 😛

      See you don’t realise the power is there, but when you scratched your left ear before, that was my doing. When you had that strange thought, that was me too!!!

  7. I have no doubt you cause strange thoughts! You certainly create new pathways in my brain never before connected.
    If you can teach your children rhythm and balance, their lives will be full of grace.

    • “you are under my power, you will do exactly what I say. Feed Me Seymour!”

      Although in saying that it’s you who gives me orders about what to write and I obey you blindly whenever you give them!

      Oh and don’t mistake my unbelievably good taste in music for me having any rhythm I can pass on. I have absolutely none of that!

  8. Well your unbelievably good taste in music could be questionable too, but …..

    “Feed you? ” “I can’t! Maybe I can squeeze a little more out of this one?” Lol …. you are soooo funny! Given the wrong context, that could be really sexy! ; ). You are baaaaad! Giggle ….

    • Hmph and here I was thinking you were a nice person but now you question my music taste. Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed 😛

      You and your sexy thoughts 😛 I was thinking about Rick Moranis in Little Shop of Horrors with that quote, but if that’s what gives you sexy thoughts I’m not one to judge 😛

  9. “Must be fresh!
    That’s disgusting.”
    “I don’t want to hear this”

    You started it …,

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